MetaCrawler Search

MetaCrawler Search is a service that may hijack the home page of affected Internet browser.

MetaCrawler Search is another browser redirect adware that intends to replace your current home page with its own search box. This hijacker can cause Internet browser to start on unknown web page like or sub domain called

There are number of reasons how this unpopular search may get inside the computer. One factor is user’s engagement to multimedia software that can be downloaded from less-known web sites. MetaCrawler Search may also come bundled with games and PC utilities offered by third-party providers. Typically, authors behind this adware repacked the executable file to include MetaCrawler Search during installation. Then, it is distributed through misleading ads and deceiving marketing techniques.

Once user installs the desired program, MetaCrawler Search is also installed by default. However, removal is a different process. Uninstalling the program will not remove MetaCrawler Search. They function separately once installed on the computer. In fact, MetaCrawler Search is even complicated to remove than the preferred program. It is also noticed that it may use various names for add-ons and extensions once it strikes your Internet browser.

For this reason, we have decided to post a detailed removal procedure for MetaCrawler Search. After removing the adware, it is also important that you apply all precautionary measures as suggested on this page.

Screenshot Image of MetaCrawler Search

MetaCrawler Home Page

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