Privitize VPN Redirect

Remove Privitize VPN redirect virus from the computer by download suggested removal tools on this page. Scan the computer with these programs to scan and delete the hijacker.

Privitize VPN hijacker is an adware program that will install a toolbar on your Internet browser without getting permission. It also ads a Privitize VPN Search to override your existing search engine and do the search from its server.

Privitize VPN redirect malware, Search and Toolbar may come into your PC bundled with other programs that you may have downloaded from the Internet. Some software linked to this adware are Audiobook, Zoomex, GamePlayLab among others. Once this adware is installed, it redirects your searches to before showing the actual result. Privitize VPN also replaces your home page with address or similar. In this case, some user calls it the Privitize VPN Hijacker.

There are reports stating that this browser redirect virus also installs a Privitize VPN search box and toolbars on Internet browser. This may be the reason why security analysts categorized it as an adware program. Added to that, after installing Privitize VPN, user found no option in removing it from Windows control panel. There are special removal guide that can uninstall the program, although, it is not easy for ordinary users. To make the procedure less complicated, we prepared a systematic guide that you can find on this page.

Screenshot Image for Privitize VPN:


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4 Responses

  1. Lewes says:

    Hi there,

    I recently installed Privitize VPN by mistake.

    I”ve tried to remove the ways you have shown, however, when I search using google chrome (my main search engine) it keeps showing Privitize vpn in grey to the right of the search. Though, when I go the other websites now, the vpn is no longer in the URL.

    Is there something I have missed?

    Or is this just a bug or something?


  2. diigo says:

    Lewes, you might have missed some steps specially in ‘Google Chrome Procedure’ at number 8.

    Also, did you scan the computer using anti-malware tools like malwarebytes and superantispyware? These programs can help remove other harmful items that are still inside the computer.

  3. Fartmasterpoop says:

    Learn to custom install noobs, privatize vpn isn’t a virus.

  4. RedShocktrooper says:

    When so many sites are listing it as one, one can’t help but think that it is.

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