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Remove from Mac system with the help of the guide below. This adware seriously affects browser such as Safari and Google Chrome. is included in the rising list of browser hijacker that aims to dominate browser application on Max OS X computer. This suspicious search engine can made adjustments on internet browser such as Safari and Google Chrome even without permission from user. The primary goal is to set into the home page so that user will utilized Genieo search engine. Other hijacker similarly promotes Genieo are,, and

User may get from free programs. Actually, there are numerous programs where this hijacker is bundled. It is hard to name them individually but to give you an idea, resides on free games, tools, media players, download manager, and fake software updates. These are widely available on questionable servers, so, be careful when downloading freeware and shareware.

Your computer may give way to the installation of and other adware if you agree to install freeware with default value. Once installed, you can see various changes on the browser right away. effect is very noticeable on home page. Instead of your previous settings, it will now display search bar of In addition to that, the adware substitute your search tool with this unknown search engine.

It is obvious that take action on its own without seeking for user’s approval. Due to this insidious and malicious move by adware, it was classified as Adware or PUP. It can cause harm on the system and endanger user’s online privacy. So, remove it in advanced before it can trigger much more troubles.


In order to remove from Mac OS X and Safari browser, we put up a guide on this page. Follow the removal procedures in exact manner to ensure total eradication of Removal Procedures

The following instructions will guide you to get rid of We highly advise that you fully execute the given procedure to completely remove the unwanted program from your Mac system.

Delete from Safari browser

1. Open Safari browser.

2. Go to Safari menu.

3. Choose “Preferences“.

Safari Preferences

4. This will open the Safari settings dialog box.

5. Please select “Extensions” tab to see list of installed extensions.

6. Select from the list. If not found, it may be hiding under a different name. Look for unknown or suspicious item.

7. Turn off the extension by removing the Check Mark on the box beside “Enable extension” or similar entry. You can also Uninstall the extension if you need to permanently remove it from the computer.

8. Please close Safari browser at the moment and proceed to the next steps.

Manually delete all files dropped by the adware

1. Navigate the Apple Menu bar and click on “Go“. Then, select “Go to Folder“.

Go Folder

2. Copy and paste, or type the following line in the field and press Enter on your keyboard:


3. LaunchAgents folder should open at this point. Look for items with the following file name:

  • .com.
  • .com.SoftwareUpdater.agent.plist

4. Move each file to the Trash. This action may require administrator privilege. If you are not logged in as administrator, you need to provide required password.

5. Go to a different folder again using procedure from Step 1 and copy and paste or type the following line:


6. Do the same process as in Step 3 and move each file to the Trash.

7. Next, we need to look at Application Support folder. Using the same method as above. Go to this location:

~/Library/Application Support

8. Find the same files as in Step 3 and drag them to the Trash.

9. Go back to Apple Menu, click Go, and then select Applications from the drop-down list.

Apple Applications

10. Delete the following folders just in case they do exist.

  • SoftwareUpdater

Note: Malware may use alternative names instead of to mislead security programs as well as users. If in case the above list is not present, please look for unfamiliar or suspicious items containing the same extension as update.plist, ltvbit.plist, and download.plist.

Scan with MBAM to easily get rid of

1. Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac from the link below.

Download MBAM for Mac

2. Drag the downloaded file MBAM-Mac-[version].dmg to Applications folder.

3. Under Applications folder, right-click on Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and select “Open” from the given choices.

4. After opening the tool, click on the “Scan” button to start checking the computer for presence of and other malware.

MBAM for Mac Scan

5. When scanning is done, the tool will display all identified threats. Be sure to select malicious items.

6. Click on “Remove Selected Items” to delete the threats.


We hope that the procedures and removal tool on this page was able to help you in removing Your computer should now be malware free.

Reset Safari Homepage and Search Engine

1. Open Safari Browser.

2. Choose Preferences from the Safari menu that can be found on upper left corner of the browser.

3. Select General tab, and then look for Homepage section.

4. Replace with your preferred default Homepage.

Safari General Tab

5. On the same Tab, go to Default Search Engine section.

6. Replace the current entry with you preferred search engine.

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