StarBurn Software (

Follow the instructions on this page to stop redirecting your browser to This adware will alter your default search settings and swap it to an unknown search box.

StarBurn Software is a browser hijacker that will redirect your desktop to an address This redirection is cause by a program that you have downloaded and installed. Search hijacker such as StarBurn Software comes from programs that are related to multimedia, browser enhancement, and free tools. Without your idea, StarBurn Software is installed as package with the program.

Removing the software that brought in hijacker is not the solution to this problem. They are separate entity once installed on the computer. In fact, there is no entry on Windows’ add/remove program to uninstall StarBurn Software. The adware comes as an extension or add-ons for your browser.

To remove the unwanted add-ons or extensions and to stop your browser from redirecting to, please execute the procedure on this page. You may notice that we advise the use of anti-malware tool, it may help remove registry entries created by StarBurn Software search.

Screenshot Image:

StarBurn Software Search

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