Fast Windows Antivirus 2011

Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 is a program that you must remove from the computer. It comes bundled with the Trojan so you have to deal with these two threats at the same time.

Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 is a rogue security software that is introduce by a fake online virus scanner. This scanner will mimic Windows explorer in order to deceive user that the process is running locally. In fact, Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 virus scan progresses on the remote server or the malicious web site. Visitors are redirected to this location by a Trojan infection. At the end of the scan, it will provide Windows Security Alert and state that several infections are found on the computer. An advice to download a trial version of Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 pop-ups and begins to persuade you. When you click on it, this will automatically download and install the malware on your local hard drive. Then, it carries a modification on your system, adding files and registry entries that will make the fake software to run each time Windows starts.

Installing Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 is the worst decision one can ever make. The best thing to do is ignore every links, prompts and web sites it wants you to click. Disconnect the computer from the Internet to avoid contact with other related malware. Immediately run a full scan of the system using anti-malware and anti-virus software. It is best to install an anti-malware program that can provide real-time scan to block harmful files and unwanted Internet traffic.

Screenshot Image:

Fake Scanner

Technical Details and Additional Information:

Damage Level: Medium

Systems Affected: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

4 Responses

  1. msagrooms says:

    Thank you very much!

  2. Emily says:

    This just happened on my macbook pro… in your list of affected systems there are no Apple systems, is mine still affected?

  3. Pete says:

    haha this just popped up on my mac. Windows is infected is it? Right… :)

  4. Kain says:

    Ha! This just popped up on my ubuntu machine… obviously a fake as any mac or linux user would know. Viruses on my C: drive… wait, I don’t have a C: drive!

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