Internet Protection 2011

Internet Protection is a malware that will disguise as a useful tool to deceive computer users. Follow the guide on this page to remove this malware and other threats that comes with it.

Computer security experts identify Internet Protection 2011 as another rogue program that was build in the sole purpose of stealing money from its victims. This malware will spread through a Trojan infection, fake online virus scanner and harmful files that users may get from file-sharing networks and illegal download servers.

We always remind our visitors that rogue software has no means of shielding a computer neither it can remove any threats from it. It was created to run a virus scan and detect threats even though PC is free from such. A mere scare tactics by Internet Protection 2011 is enough to convince computer user to pay for the full version of the program. As usual, authors of this malware endorse Internet Protection 2011 as the only key to resolve any computer security problems.

As mentioned, Internet Protection 2011 is a distrusted program that you must ignore and remove from a system. It may be hard to delete since no components are included in the Add/Remove program of Windows. It is intended to install itself without your knowledge and will stick into the system until you obtain the paid version. The only way to remove Internet Protection 2011 from the PC is to download, install and scan with genuine and powerful security tool. Provided on this page is a complete guide and free tool to get rid of this risky software.

Screenshot Image:

Fake Scanner

Technical Details and Additional Information:

Damage Level: Medium

Systems Affected: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

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    The information is very helpful which makes aware about virus called Internet Protection virus,and also about how to Remove Internet Protection 2011.

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