Shield Protector 2012

Remove Shield Protector 2012 from an infected computer with the free tool and guide on this page. This rogue is so risky that it can penetrate even the most secured folder on a target computer.

Shield Protector 2012 could be another harmful malware to hunt down Internet users. It is expected that so many online users may catch this threat because of its propagation method that commonly infects web sites. After entering the server where target web site is hosted, Shield Protector 2012 will drop harmful code that will cause a drive-by-download function. Unknown to visitors, this technique by rogue developers may drop and install malware onto their system without seeking their approval. If Shield Protector 2012 is loaded on your machine, it will force you to buy the fake software using tactics similar to other malware. You will notice a bunch of false security warnings and alerts. Additionally, on every Windows start-up, Shield Protector 2012 will run a scan and provide a result, which may worry computer users. It states that computer is in danger and the only solution is to buy the full version of Shield Protector 2012.

Some are lucky that their antivirus program may detect and avoid the risks. However, others who are open to risks may be infected with this virus easily. More users are prone to this malware because of outdated software, not protected, or protected but with weak security software. It is very important to make it a habit to update your Windows, Internet Browser and anti-virus programs regularly. Without a protection, users who are vulnerable to this type of attack may obtain severe computer damages or worst will end up buying the useless software.

Shield Protector 2012 will harshly infect your computer to the point that you will lose control of it. You will have no access to Internet, cannot run software, and a lockup desktop. Although these things may happen fast, do not lose hope still. There is still a remedy. Buying the full version of Shield Protector 2012 is not an option. All you need is a good anti-malware product that will scan, detect and eliminate presence of the fake product.

Technical Details and Additional Information:

Damage Level: Medium

Systems Affected: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

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