XP Internet Security 2012

XP Internet Security 2012 is a potentially unwanted program or also known as rogue. Being on the lists of rogue applications is not enough to warn users of its dangers when executed. XP Internet Security 2012 will be dropped on computers by its partner Trojan that uses a rootkit technique to be able to hide its presence from anti-virus program. When inside the computer, it will make necessary changes in favor of XP Internet Security 2012’s illegal operation inside the compromised computer. Its first target was to modify the registry so that it will be included in the start-up process of Windows.

Although XP Internet Security 2012 is endorsed as a legitimate program just like its other variants called Win 7 Internet Security 2012 and Vista Internet Security 2012, their activities once inside the computer is enough to place it in the category of untrusted software. First, it tries to scare users by issuing fake warning messages and alerts. Second, it persuade victims to purchase the licensed version of the program in the promise that it will treat computer issues. Lastly, it disables anti-virus programs so that it won’t be identified as a virus or malware. With its presence, an endless irregularities will be encountered so it must be remove from the system as soon as possible. Use only legitimate and trusted security product to get rid of XP Internet Security 2012 and all of its components hidden inside the system.

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Technical Details and Additional Information:

Damage Level: Medium

Systems Affected: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

Malware Behavior
When XP Internet Security 2012 is active on the computer, it will modify Internet browser settings that will result to browser redirection. Author of this malware aims to point user to a malicious web sites and download additional malware. It will also display a barrage of pop-up alerts that may contain messages similar to the following:

Stealth intrusion!
Infection detected in the background. Your computer is now attacked by spyware and rogue software. Eliminate the infection safely; perform a security scan and deletion now.

System danger!
Your system security is in danger. Privacy threats detected. Spyware, key loggers or Trojans may be working the background right now. Perform an in-depth scan and removal now, click here.

Tracking software found!
Your PC activity is being monitored. Possible spyware infection. Your data security may be compromised. Sensitive data can be stolen. Prevent damage now by completing a security scan.

Video Tutorial (XP Internet Security 2012 Removal)

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