Flash Disinfector

Flash Disinfector is a tool that will automatically remove unwanted files on removable USB drives, flash drives and memory sticks. Typically, computer Worms can enter the computer either when user download compromised files from insecure locations. Worms also spreads on spam email messages that come as attachment or links. This worm immediately looks for presence of removable USB drives and drops certain files into it, usually autorum.inf and executable file. Autorun.inf will run the executable file when the drive is access. From this process, Worm begins to spread on network and infect other drives. Infected USB and flash drive inserted on clean computers works to contaminate other drives utilizing the same method.

Use Flash Disinfector if you cannot access your USB drives, flash drives and memory stick specifically if you are certain that the cause is autorun worm. The tool can clean-up harmful files dropped by flash drive Worms. It deletes maliciously coded autorun.inf on each root drives and folders and creates its own clean one for protection purpose. Some unsafe files targeted by Flash Disinfector includes resycled.exe, samok_Foryou.bat, samok_Foryou.vbs, destrukto.vbs, Macromedia_Setup.exe, RVHost.exe, soundmix.exe, spoclsv.exe, mmc.exe, tel.xls.exe, Bha.dll.vbs, Autorun.vbs, host.exe and copy.exe among others.

Author: sUBs

License: Freeware

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Download Flash Disinfector:
To begin the download, please click here.

How to Use Flash Disinfector:

Note: Before downloading and running the tool, please disable any installed anti-virus application. Since Flash Disinfector is a shareware, it is unrecognized by some security application and blocks from downloading. Do not forget to enable back your protection after the scan procedure.

1. Download Flash Disinfector and save it to your Desktop or any desired location. File Flash_Disinfector.exe is around 129KB. This is provided free.


2. After downloading, double-click on Flash_Disinfector to run the application.


3. Follow the prompt and continue until it starts scanning.

4. If asked to insert flash drive or any removable device including USB Pen Drive and Memory Stick, please do so.

5. It may take a while to scan removable drives, wait for the scan to finish.


6. Restart the computer.

Disclaimer: Flash Disinfector is provided ‘As-is’ without warranty of any kind.
Please use it at your own risks.

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