Category: Troubleshooting

How to Turn On or Turn Off Windows Firewall

This page explains the steps in turning on or turning off firewall on Windows Vista and Windows 7. There are some instances that you need to adjust these settings in order to troubleshoot problems on programs that do not operate properly behind a firewall.

Internet Access Blocked By Virus – Fix

This is a self-help guide to disable proxy settings setup by malicious software on the infected computer. The reasons for this harmful action, as well as procedures to revert the changes are presented on this page. As a default, leave the proxy settings of your Internet browser blank.

Restore Windows XP to an Earlier Date

System Restore is a feature of Windows XP wherein you can save a restore point that you can use in the future to revert further changes on the computer. Be advised that you can only restore Windows XP to previously saved point.

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