Downadup, Kido and Conficker Worm Removal Tool by BitDefender

Worm Downadup, also known as Conficker or Kido is a network worm that spreads itself by taking advantage of  Windows vulnerabilities. Its removal is complicated by the fact that it blocks many known antivirus software and associated websites.

BitDefender Labs has detected a new and more aggressive Downadup version. It spreads using a Windows RPC Server Service vulnerability and is called Win32.Worm.Downadup.Gen.

Author: BitDefender

License: Freeware

Operating System: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista

Download Here:
Downadup Removal Tool

Threat Removal Procedure:
1. Download the removal tool from above link and save it on Desktop.

2. Double click on downloaded file, chose “Extract all files…” from the File menu, and follow the wizard’s instructions. You can use any other archiver, like WinZip. This will create a folder called bd_rem_tool.

3. Inside it, find the program called “bd_rem_tool_gui.exe” (or just “bd_rem_tool_gui”) and double click on it. It is very important to extract all the files from the zip archive, and not only bd_rem_tool_gui.exe, because all the other files are needed for the disinfection. Then follow the tool’s instructions.

4. If you have Windows Vista with User Acccess Control enabled, or if you are running as a restricted user in Windows XP, right click the “bd_rem_tool_gui” program and choose “Run as Administrator”. You will be prompted to enter credentials for an admin account.

5. We recommend a system reboot after the disinfection is complete, to restore full internet access.

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