TrendMicro SysClean

Trend Micro SysClean (System Cleaner) is a free antivirus program that instantly scans your computer for viruses. Trend Micro SysClean is a portable virus scanner that can be stored on any media devices such as USB flash drive, CD or DVD. You can run a complete virus scan from this device without going through the whole installation process. Another thing that place Trend Micro SysClean as one of the most recommended virus removal tool is its ability to run on Safe Mode of Windows.

You don’t have to be a Trend Micro user to be able to obtain SysClean. It is a stand-alone tool that integrates Trend Micro Anti-Malware and Trend Micro Damage Cleanup Engine.

This tool contains the following functions:

  • Terminates all detected malware instances in system memory
  • Removes malware registry entries
  • Removes malware entries from system files
  • Scans for and deletes all detected malware copies in all local drives

Author: TrendMicro

License: Freeware

Operating System:
Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista 32-Bit

Download Sysclean Version 4.5:
TrendMicro Sysclean Download

Download Virus Pattern Files:
Download latest Pattern Files (Download the Consumer OPR with file name and when extracted will have the lpt$ file). Where xxx corresponds to version number.

How to Effectively Remove Virus with TrendMicro SysClean

1. Temporarily Disable System Restore.

Note: You must have an Administrator Privilege to be able to disable System Restore. It is advised to enable it after this procedure.

For Windows Vista and Windows 7 Users:

a) On the Desktop, Right Click on My Computer. Select Properties from the drop-down menu. You should be on this location: Control Panel\System and Security\System
b) Select the System Protection on left side bar.
c) Choose Drive C: under ‘Available Drives’ area. Then, click on Configure.
d) Select Turn off system protection and then click OK to apply the settings.
e) The current window will close and you will be back at System Properties window. Click on OK once more to close it.

For Windows 8 Users:

a) Open Power User Tasks Menu by dragging your mouse on the right corner of the scree. Upper right or lower right corner will do.
b) Click or select System. This will open System configuration window.
c) On the left sidebar, click on System Protection. Windows UAC may appear to confirm the access. Please click Yes.
d) Choose Drive C: under ‘Protection Settings’ area. Then, click on Configure.
e) Select Turn off system protection and then click OK to apply the settings.

For Windows ME and Windows XP users, please use the following instructions:

How to Disable or Enable System Restore on Windows Me
How to Disable or Enable System Restore on Windows XP

2. Download from the link above and save it to a directory on your Desktop. You must create a new Directory for this.

3. Download the latest malware Pattern Files from provided link above and save it to the same location as

4. Extract the contents of and on the same folder.

5.Reboot computer in Safe Mode
a) During BootUp process Press F8 continuously until selection appears
b) Use Arrow Up+Down to select Safe Mode on the selections menu.
c) Press Enter to proceed.

6. If it requires you to login, please use the login name with administrative rights. Without this privilege, Sysclean will not be able to complete the cleaning process.

7. Browse the Sysclean folder on on your Desktop and Double-click Sysclean.exe ( This will extract all essential files to run the scan.


Trend Micro System Cleaner

8. Scanning may take a while. Reboot the computer when scanning is done. Repeat as desired to make sure that all threats are removed.

Change Log:
July 8, 2010: Updated link to Sysclean Version 4.5. Does not require separate SSAPIPTN.DA5 Pattern file.
Sept 24, 2011: Updated links and virus removal procedure.

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