How to remove autorun.inf from USB Drive

External drives like USB Flash drive, USB hard disk and MP3 Players are among the top spreader of computer Worms. If any of the given devices is compromised, the worm quickly looks for any drive it can infect that is attached to the same system.

Worms spreads by creating a copy of itself and starts by an autorun.inf files. It is essential to remove the malicious autorun.inf files not only from computers but also from the source, and that is the USB Drive.  If you already tried Flash Disinfector but have no success in removing the virus, this procedure can help delete malicious files on infected drives.

How to remove autorun.inf from USB Drive Using Windows:
1. While the computer is still off;
2. Plugin the USB Drive
3. Insert the Windows CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. It must be the bootable Windows Installer
4. Start the computer from the CD-ROM drive. It will start Windows Setup screen
5. When the “Welcome to Setup” prompt appears.Press “R” to start the Recovery Console
6. If asked “Which Window installation would you like to logon to” select the number. Type “1” then Enter, if only one installation of Windows is present
7. Enter the administrator password, press Enter
8. It will bring you to command prompt, C:\Windows>
9. Proceed with the following command:

– Type d: (This is the drive letter of USB. It can be e: or f: defending on how many hard disk or cd drive is installed)
– Type attrib -h -r -s autorun.inf
– Type “edit autorun.inf” it will open DOS Editor and display contents as follows:

Take note on the file it will run. In the  above example it is file.exe

10. Exit DOS Editor and return to command prompt, D:\>

11. Delete the file that was called to open on DOS Editor
– Type del /f /a file.exe

12. Delete autorun.inf file
– Type del /f /a autorun.inf

13. Exit Recovery Console by typing exit.

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