How to Start Computer in Safe Mode

Starting Windows in Safe Mode is very useful when troubleshooting computer problems by limiting the resources it loads when Windows is started. While in Safe Mode, computer will start with only basic options and will load only essential drivers to run the PC. Starting this way can help users diagnose systems problems easily. The computer must be in Off or Reset mode to enter the Safe Mode menu.

Running Safe Mode to diagnose system problems is not only useful on older version of Windows. In fact, it is very helpful up to the most recent version of the operating system. Aside from fixing system errors due to some software malfunctions, Safe Mode is also valuable while removing malware or any sorts of computer infection. Most computer viruses are not capable of residing in computer’s memory during this method. Therefore, they can be eliminated easily via efficient virus scan.


Safe Mode in Windows XP:

1. Turn on the power switch.
2. During boot-up process and before Windows launches, Press F8 on keyboard repeatedly until selection appears.
2. Use Arrow Up+Down to select SafeMode on the selections menu.
3. Hit Enter to proceed.

Safe Mode in Windows Vista and Windows 7:

1. Turn on the power switch.
2. As the computer starts but before Windows operating system begins to load, press F8 on the keyboard.
3. Advanced Boot Options will appear.
4. Use the arrow keys to highlight the choice. Please select Safe Mode.
5. Press Enter to run Windows Vista or Windows 7 Safe Mode.

Start Windows 8 and Windows 10 in Safe Mode

1. Using your keyboard, Press Windows key + I to open the Settings. Alternatively, you can Click on Windows Start button in lower-left corner of the screen, then select Settings from the list.
2. On Settings area, click on Change PC Settings at the bottom.
3. Choose Update & Recovery > Recovery.
4. On Advanced Startup area, select Restart Now. This will restart the system.
5. Once Windows is staring, “Choose an Option” screen will appear. Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart.
6. After the computer restarts, it will present a list of options. Select 4 on the keyboard. This should start the computer in Safe Mode of Windows.

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