Trojan.Fakeavlock is a generic detection for a computer Trojan that will lie about the security status of the system. It also blocks user’s access to installed software and state that the file is compromised. It can nearly make the infected PC unusable. The only way for user to regain access is to purchase the registered version of the endorsed program.

There are instances that Trojan.Fakeavlock may arrive alongside with a rootkit Trojan. This combination attack is harmful that even antivirus program may not stop. Rootkit is a malware that uses advanced method to infect a computer. It injects malicious code to legitimate system process to conceal the infection. Next, it will monitor running processes and instantly shut off those it may assess part of antivirus program.

When user initiates an instance of Trojan.Fakeavlock, it will directly alter the registry to make it run each time Windows starts. Additional changes are carried out to complete the following tasks:

  • Hide files and folders on the infected computer.
  • Lock all applications and prevents user’s access.
  • Hijack Internet browser to display fake warning message.
  • Disable any antivirus or security software it may found on the computer.

Next, Trojan.Fakeavlock will reveal itself as useful security software. It will mimic the process of real antivirus program. The Trojan hides in a nice-designed graphical user interface that will instantly scan the computer when launch. To mislead its victims, this threat will execute the following actions:

  • Display fake pop-up alerts and messages stating virus presence.
  • Run a virus scan each time user starts to use Windows.
  • It repeatedly prompts for software activation in order for user to remove identified threats.

As you have observe, the main goal of Trojan.Fakeavlock is to sell the program so that people behind this attack may profit from this illegal activity.

Damage Level: Medium

Systems Affected: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Here are some screenshot images of the Trojan guise as a security program.

Fake Security Shield

Fake Smart HDD

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