This page contains removal guide for Win32:Trojan-gen. You should follow the procedure to delete the virus as well as other harmful threats inside the computer.

Win32:Trojan-gen is a heuristic detection for harmful files that attempts to launch an attack to the computer. When installed antivirus software sends an alert about Win32:Trojan-gen, it only signifies that presence of security risk is identified, however, antivirus software is uncertain of its characteristic. The detection process for Win32:Trojan-gen is based on a pattern that is included in the program. In-depth diagnostic by antivirus vendor is required to retrieve exact detail of the infection.

Damage Level: High

Systems Affected: All Windows

When Win32:Trojan-gen runs on the computer, it greatly affects the overall system performance. Other variants of this threat may consume resources more than what the PC can handle, thus, it will result to system crashes. Overall, Trojans are made with different objectives. Some are developed to steal information such as user name and passwords. Others will attack the system in order to drop more threats and execute on the same machine. In addition, there are variants created to allow remote access on the infected computer. Since Win32:Trojan-gen is a generic detection; files identified on your system may comprise any of the mentioned tasks.

Most recent versions of malware that belongs to Win32:Trojan-gen group are multi-part. This simply means that first attack may initiate succeeding attacks until final objectives are met. Rootkits are also employed by Trojans to be able to hide the presence once running on the affected computer. Apart from that, rootkits appends own code to vital Windows files and processes, which most often causes permanent damage to the operating system.

Win32:Trojan-gen spreads through a number of means ordinarily employs by other similar threats. There are findings that some malicious links will direct victims to a Trojan download page. These links will reach user via spam email messages, instant messaging software and malicious web sites compromised by other threats.

For generic Trojan detection, user may observe typical alerts posted by installed antivirus program. Security software will react accordingly base on Trojan’s attribute as shown in the image below.

Win32:Trojan-gen detection

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