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Mal/Qbot-B is a virus that may pose threat on computers, which can lead to intrusions, disruptions and damage to the system. This virus is a general detection to identify malicious files having these characteristics to warn computer users and prevent execution. Because once this virus executes on the system, it may communicate to a remote server to download other malware that it will execute on the compromised PC.

Alias: Trojan.Win32.Regrun.hse,, TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen, Trojan.Zbot, W32.Qakbot, BKDR_QAKBOT.AF,

Damage Level: Medium

Systems Affected: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Windows Vista

This virus has multiple functionalities once it infects a computer. However, its primary objective is to gather information from the infected system. It targets the following information:

  • Cookies that authenticate user’s credentials
  • DNS, IP address and hostname of the infected computer
  • Operating System version and related information
  • Country of origin and Internet browser information
  • Keystrokes generated from the compromised PC
  • Account details for FTP, IRC and Email applications
  • Account login for several web sites
  • Web pages and visited URLs

Mal/Qbot-B may spread by exploiting security and software vulnerabilities when user visits a malicious web page. Codes from this web site may instantly download a copy of the threat on visitor’s computer without a notice. Most of these infections are caused by unsuspecting clicks on malevolent links.

Locally, Mal/Qbot-B will spread on unsecured network-shared directories. If so configured, this virus may spread also on removable drives and USB devices.

2 Responses

  1. Autumn says:

    is there a Vista fix for this Qbot thing

  2. Killin me here says:

    This thing took out my entire network. I just created a group policy ACL to deny everyone access to the _qbothome directory under all users. Trying to advance on the clean up now.

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