W32.Rixobot!gen3 is a generic detection for a computer Trojan or Virus that were found associated with W32.Rixobot family. Files detected as W32.Rixobot!gen3 are deemed malicious and poses great danger on network environment.


Damage Level: Low

Systems Affected: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

Manual Removal of W32.Rixobot!gen3

1. If using Windows Me/XP, System Restore must be disabled to prevent the threat from restoring itself. [how to]
2. Database, pattern and definition files of installed antivirus programs must be updated.
3. Restart Windows in Safe Mode.
4. Run a full system scan and clean/delete all infected files.
5. Restart Windows in normal mode.

Kaspersky Bootable USB Flash Drive
A tool from Kaspersky will allow you to create a bootable virus scanner that can be run from any computer. This can be boot and run from media drives such as CD, DVD or USB Flash Drive. Download and follow the procedures here.

Alternative Removal Method for W32.Rixobot!gen3

Option 1 : Use Windows System Restore to return Windows to previous state

If W32.Rixobot!gen3 enters the computer, there is a big chance that Windows files, registry entries and other essential components are also infected. System Restore can reinstate clean system files by restoring the configuration to an earlier date. The method also replaces compromised files with a clean version. If you have a saved restore point before W32.Rixobot!gen3 infiltrates the PC, we highly encourage you to execute this procedure if none of the above works. You may proceed with Windows System Restore, click here to see the full procedure.