W32.Sober@mm is a mass-mailing worm that utilizes victim’s computer as SMTP engine to email a copy of itself. This infection is a memory-resident worm that specifically targets Windows platform. W32.Sober@mm is written in Microsoft Visual Basic programming language and is UPX compacted.

Other Alias: W32/Sober@MM, I-Worm.Sober , W32/Sober-A, WORM_SOBER.A , Win32.Sober.A, Win32.HLLM.Odin,  Worm/Sober,  Win32/Sober.A@mm,  I-Worm.Win32.Sober,  I-Worm/Sober.A,  W32/Sober.A.worm

Damage Level: Low

Systems Affected: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Windows Vista

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Upon execution, this worm will drop three versions of the file under Windows system directory. The mail file is SIMILARE.EXE. The two other files are consisting of any variations listed on “Associated Files and Folder” area. To run these varying files, the worm will create a registry entries that calls for execution each time Windows starts.

While inside the infected computer, W32.Sober@mm gathers email address and saves the collected information under MEDIA.DLL file.

The worm will spread via using a built-in Send Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). It collects contact details or email address from the infected computer where it later will be the recipients of spam email messages containing a copy of the worm.

An email sent out by this worm contains variations of subject and attached file. It fakes the FROM field and pretends to be coming from a legitimate and trusted sender. Some examples of the messages are as follows:

Email Message:
I permanently get Spam-Mails from you and inside is a virus!!
You should remove these things.
Sorry, but the ODIN Worm is probably on your computer!
You should check this with the patch application.
See you soon
Attachment: check-patch.bat

Email Message:
Programmer of the -Sobig Worm-
Congratulations!! Your Sobig Worms are very good!!!
You are a very good programmer!
Yours faithfully
Odin alias Anon
pan>Attachment: Odin_Worm.exe

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