How to Remove Search by Zooms

Remove Search by Zooms from your computer by running a thorough scan of recommended anti-virus and anti-malware application. Follow the guide exactly to ensure total removal of this potentially unwanted program.

Search by Zooms is a suspicious Google Chrome extension currently classed as potentially unwanted program (PUP) or Adware. This threat can secure an access on target computer without asking for user’s approval. Due to this intrusion, some people deemed it as virus or malware.

Similar to most dubious extension, Search by Zooms focuses on attacking internet browser application. It affects mostly home page and default search tool. Therefore, it is far behind and less dangerous than computer viruses. Search by Zooms never infects system files neither damage vital data from the infected computer.

Usually, Search by Zooms spreads over the internet via third-party software. It arrives with unpopular program that uses deceitful way of attracting computer users. On the other hand, official web site also markets Search by Zooms as a tool that enhances online search experience. It claims to give user better results and get the most reliable information when searching the web.

After successful installation of this program, it quickly adds extension on the browser. Search by Zooms now have extra function to control home page and search results. Furthermore, it can anticipate search results and integrate paid links on its contents. Added links appears very similar to normal results links. An accidental clicks to these paid links will generate revenue for adware makers, which is running pay-per-click advertising scheme.

Learning that main objective of adware such as Search by Zooms is to gain online profit, there is no more reason to let it sit on the computer and wait for this adware to commit further harm. Carry out the procedures below to make sure that you will totally remove Search by Zooms adware.

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Search by Zooms Removal Procedures

On this section are guides that will help you get rid of the threat. Make sure to perform the procedures in exact manner to ensure complete removal of adware, malware, and virus, which may be present on the computer.

Step 1 : Scan the computer with Anti-Malware Tool to Automatically Remove Search by Zooms

Scanning the computer with anti-malware tool instantly removes items linked to Search by Zooms. Though, this may not fix problems on individual internet browser application.

If the outcome of this anti-malware scan did not fully removed Search by Zooms, then you have to execute procedures for affected browser program. Provided on this page are easy to follow instructions to solve problems for specific browser. You may also try Windows System Restore to return the computer to previous clean state.

1 Start downloading the anti-malware tool by clicking on the link below. You can either save the file or directly run it after the download.

Download Tool

2 Install the program with default settings. Run the installation procedure as it is.

3 The program will automatically update the database when installation completes. Thus, it is important that internet connection is active during this process.

4 Once installed, run a Threat Scan (Recommended) to scan all the places malware is known to hide.

5 At the end of the scan process, anti-malware tool will display list of identified threats. Be sure to select all and remove them from the computer.

6 Finally, it will prompt you to restart the computer to finalized removal of threats. Please reboot the computer.

Step 2 : Remove Search by Zooms Extensions from Google Chrome

Follow these procedures to remove Search by Zooms extensions, add-ons, and unwanted search engine from Internet browser. You must be aware that adware may trick you by using different name. If adware name is not listed, please look for and remove relevant items such as GoZooms.

1 Open Google Chrome.

2 In the address bar, type the following and press Enter on keyboard: chrome://extensions

Chrome Extensions

3 Google Chrome's Extensions window will open.

4 Find Search by Zooms or any similar items. Click on Remove button to delete it from Google Chrome.

Chrome Extension

(Optional) Restore Google Chrome's Home Page and Default Search Engine

Not all adware are designed to affect home page and default search engine. If your home page is hijack by Search by Zooms, you may carry out this guide. Same case if the adware affects your default search engine.

5 On Google Chrome browser, type the given strings in the address bar and press Enter on your keyboard: chrome://settings

6 To remove Search by Zooms from start-up and new tab pages of Chrome, you need to reset the default home page settings. Scroll down to 'On startup' and choose 'Open a specific page or set of pages'.

Chrome Set Pages

7 Hover your cursor to unwanted web address and click More Actions (3 dots). Click on Remove from the choices to delete Search by Zooms from the start-up page.

8 If there is no default startup item, you may add one by clicking on 'Add a new page' and input your preferred web address to be the default homepage.

Advanced Settings

9 Scroll up to Search Engine area and click Manage Search Engines...

10 Hover your cursor to favored search engine and click on More Actions(3 dots). Choose Make Default from the selection.

Make Default Search

11 Next, we need to remove unwanted search engine. Select suspicious or item that is relevant to Search by Zooms and click on More Actions (3 dots). Then, select Remove from the list.

12 When done removing unwanted search engines, please restart Google Chrome browser.

(Optional) Google Chrome Cleanup

If previous instructions failed to remove Search by Zooms, this procedure is helpful in finding and removing harmful software. The process quickly eliminates adware and other malicious components from Google Chrome browser and computer as well.

13 Open Google Chrome browser and type the following in the address bar: chrome://settings/cleanup

14 Click Find button to start checking for harmful software. This scan may take a while.

Clean Up Computer

15Once done scanning, it will display the result and remove Search by Zooms if it was found. You may now close the browser.


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