How to Remove OutputData Adware (Mac OS)

OutputData is a misleading browser extension that mainly affects Macintosh computers. Due to its invasive and shady characteristics, it is categorized as a potentially unwanted program.

What is OutputData?

OutputData is identified as a potentially unwanted application. It is promoted as a handy and harmless browser extension for Mac computers. On the other hand, soon after it adds to Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, it replaces the browser settings. Computer user may encounter redirects and see loads of online advertisements.

The real intent of OutputData is to get profit by promoting commercial items online. Thus, it may redirect computer users to a website operated by cyber crook. Pop-ups, banners, transitional and other forms of ads online will be shown while you surf the internet. Adware normally presents advertisements without checking its safety and legality.

How did OutputData install on Mac computers?

OutputData can be delivered into Mac computers through tactful approaches. It adds to the browser by attaching itself to free download. Computer users who choose to install a free application in Default mode unknowingly installed OutputData. Always pick for Advanced (Custom) settings so you can deselect extra or unwanted software included with the preferred program.

Another way to spread OutputData adware is via spam email attachments. Better not to entertain any item that seems suspicious and came from an unknown sender. Sometimes, online attackers use the name of a famous business firm. It pretends that the message is about a job application. At times, it sends a message from a well-known shipping company to update about an online purchase you made.

Ad-supported software like OutputData may not be a serious threat like a virus infection. However, while it is installed on the computer, it keeps the system more vulnerable to acquire additional risk.

How to eliminate pop-ups and redirects causes by OutPutData?

To stop all unwanted ads and redirects cause by OutputData, you have to eliminate this adware program as quickly as possible. For easy and detailed removal instructions, please refer to the guide included on this page.

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How to Stop OutputData

Systematic procedures to get rid of the threat are presented on this section. Make sure to scan the computer with suggested tools and scanners.

Fast and Easy Removal with Combo Cleaner

To quickly find and delete adware and pop-ups from Mac system, we highly recommend scanning the computer with Combo Cleaner. This comprehensive and complete tool for Mac is equipped with an advanced virus, malware, and adware scan engines.

1 Download Combo Cleaner from the link below.

Download Combo Cleaner

2Double-click on the file to install the program. As show in the image below, drag the Combo to Applications folder.

Install Combo Cleaner

3 Open Launchpad and click on the Combo Cleaner icon to run the tool.

4Click on Start Combo Scan button to begin checking the computer for malicious objects.

Combo Cleaner Scanner

Free virus scanner of Combo Cleaner checks and detects various kinds of threats. To remove them from the infected computer, you will have to purchase the full version of Combo Cleaner.

Manual Removal and Additional Scan

Step 1 : Reset affected internet browser applications

If OutputData is still influencing some browser settings even though you have finished the scan, we highly suggest that you reset the browser to default value.
How to Reset Safari

1. Open Safari browser.

2. Click on Safari Settings icon located on upper right corner of the window.

3. On drop-down list, click Reset Safari...

4. Click Reset button and restart Safari browser.

Google Chrome
Procedures to Reset Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome browser.

2. On address bar, type chrome://settings/

3. Navigate to the bottom of Settings page until you see Reset section.

4. Click the Reset bar. Confirm your action on the next prompt.

5. Please restart Google Chrome browser.

Mozilla Firefox
Reset Firefox to Deafult Settings

1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. On address bar, type this string about:support

3. Click on Refresh Firefox button on right side part of the screen.

4. Next window will verify if you want to reset Firefox settings, please confirm.

Step 2 : Automatically Remove OutputData

1 Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac from the link below.

Download MBAM for Mac

2 Drag the downloaded file MBAM-Mac-[version].dmg to Applications folder.

3 Under Applications folder, right-click on Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and select "Open" from the given choices.

4 After opening the tool, click on the "Scan" button to start checking the computer for presence of OutputData and other malware.

MBAM for Mac Scan

5 When scanning is done, the tool will display all identified threats. Be sure to select malicious items.

6 Click on "Remove Selected Items" to delete the threats.

Remove Threat from MBAM

We hope that the procedures and removal tool on this page was able to help you in removing OutputData. Your computer should now be malware free.

Procedures above should have remove OutputData annoyances. If it persists, you can comment below so that we can guide you further and suggest additional steps to eliminate the threat.

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