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Emerging from the family of adware is GeniusBox Travel. This threat will disguise as useful browser extension but its real intention is to dominate the browser and display advertisements so that it can generate online profit for its creators.

GeniusBox Travel is a free application that purportedly helps users by providing personalized search results and flight-related information such as departure, arrival, and so on. At first glance, this browser add-on seems necessary and useful. However, computer security firm branded it as an adware due to some reasons linking to its misbehavior and unwanted functions while inside the computer.

Most adware program as GeniusBox Travel is able to penetrate the PC through dubious techniques. Usually, it hides along with freeware, shareware, or other potentially unwanted program (PUP). Thus, computer users accidentally acquired GeniusBox Travel through software downloads attained from suspicious web sites.

When GeniusBox Travel adware is successfully installed, it initiates changes to browser settings. Home page, new tab, and default search will be altered to its own advantage. Seeing enormous display of pop-ups, banners, in-text ads, and other commercial items while you surf the Web is another proof that this adware is residing on your computer.

Moreover, GeniusBox Travel may associate your internet application to further issues like browser redirect and invasion of online privacy. Another function of adware program is to collect information relating to your Internet surfing habit. It gathers data that might help improve their marketing scheme and this includes search keywords, favorite websites, and online preferences for products and services.

In order to restore the previous browser settings and to stop all unwanted ads from appearing, it can be made only by means of removing adware. Bear in mind that the real concern of GeniusBox Travel is to earn advertising revenue. Thus, it will keep on doing unauthorized and suspicious activities during its existence on the computer.

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GeniusBox Travel

GeniusBox Travel Removal Procedures

On this section are guides that will help you get rid of the threat. Make sure to perform the procedures in exact manner to ensure complete removal of adware, malware, and virus, which may be present on the computer.

Step 1 : Automatic Removal Tool

Scanning the computer with anti-malware tool instantly removes items linked to GeniusBox Travel. Though, this may not fix problems on individual internet browser application.

If the outcome of this anti-malware scan did not fully removed GeniusBox Travel, then you have to execute procedures for affected browser program. Provided on this page are easy to follow instructions to solve problems for specific browser. You may also try Windows System Restore to return the computer to previous clean state.

1 Start downloading the anti-malware tool by clicking on the link below. You can either save the file or directly run it after the download.

Download Tool

2 Install the program with default settings. Run the installation procedure as it is.

3 The program will automatically update the database when installation completes. Thus, it is important that internet connection is active during this process.

4 Once installed, click Scan Now to run a Threat Scan and check all the places malware is known to hide.


5 At the end of the scan process, anti-malware tool will display list of identified threats. Be sure to select all and remove them from the computer.

6 Finally, it will prompt you to restart the computer to finalized removal of threats. Please reboot the computer.

Step 2 : Manual Removal Steps for GeniusBox Travel

Most of the time, presence of adware on internet application is caused by unwanted browser extension. This guide will help you remove the malicious app from individual internet browser programs.

Remove GeniusBox Travel from Google Chrome

1 Launch Google Chrome browser.

2 In the address bar, please type the following and press Enter on your keyboard.


3 Select GeniusBox Travel from the list and click Remove button.

Please restart Google Chrome browser. If there is still sign of infections on homepage, please follow the guide from this page to completely restore the browser to previous settings.

Get rid of GeniusBox Travel from Mozilla Firefox

1 Please open Mozilla Firefox internet application.

2 Input the following string on browser's address bar:


3 Under Add-on Manager window, go to sidebar and click Extensions.

4 Select GeniusBox Travel and click Remove button to delete it from Firefox.

After the removal, please restart the browser. If there are still symptoms of infection on homepage, please perform the complete procedures from this link to restore Mozilla Firefox's default settings.

Uninstall Select GeniusBox Travel from Internet Explorer

1On Windows Start menu, please type or search Add or Remove Programs or Apps & Features

2Click on the item from the result to open the app.

3Look for GeniusBox Travel from the list and Uninstall it from Windows operating system.

If this procedure is not adequate to remove the threat from Internet Explorer, please proceed to this guide and execute the steps to fully restore the browser to previous settings.

Remove GeniusBox Travel from Safari

1Open Safari browser.

2Click on Options button on upper right corner of the browser.

3From the drop-down list, click on Preferences.

4Next, click on Extension tab to show all third-party applications.

5Select GeniusBox Travel and Remove it from Safari.

After removing the adware, you may want to run additional virus scan using your local security application or download extra tools from this page. This supplementary scan is essential to ensure that no more malicious objects are left inside the computer.

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