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There is no effective way to remove UtubeAdRemoval from the computer other than scanning the system with trusted anti-virus and anti-malware tool combination. For complete guide to get rid of this adware, please explore the dedicated section below.

UtubeAdRemoval is a dubious internet browser extension, which is presented handy and practical video streaming online tool. In fact, according to its official web site, this extension will make your video viewing more enjoyable by blocking all intrusive advertisements. However, based on its questionable functions, malware experts classified it as an adware program.

UtubeAdRemoval bears intrusive and tricky behaviors when gaining access to the computer. It is often bundled to suspicious freeware and shareware. These cost-less application are the main culprit why some users unknowingly installed potentially unwanted application (PUA) like UtubeAdRemoval.

To prevent acquiring unnecessary program like this doubtful applet, it is important to be more watchful when adding extension, plug-in, or add-on into browser programs. This is to ensure that there is no extra program installed into the computer without your consent.

When UtubeAdRemoval adware is fully loaded into the computer, it executes changes to browser settings. Home page, new tab, and default search will suffer from unwanted modifications by this adware. Such changes cannot be reverted while adware program is present on the computer.

Like other variants as UTubeNoAds and BlockUTubeAd 3.2, UtubeAdRemoval adware is designed to deliver online advertisements. Its author aims to earn profit through promoting products, services, and other commercial items available online. Thus, every time you browse the web, pop-ups, banners, and other marketing materials will appear.

To sum up, UtubeAdRemoval is a potentially unwanted program and not a form of computer virus. However, due to some dubious behaviors and unusual functions, its presence may place the computer safety and user’s online privacy at risk. Hence, it is best to get rid of the adware immediately before it can cause additional harm.

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UtubeAdRemoval Removal Procedures

Systematic procedures to get rid of the threat are presented on this section. Make sure to scan the computer with suggested tools and scanners.

Quick Removal Steps

UtubeAdRemoval affects mostly Google Chrome users, especially those that are using older version of the browser. To quickly remove the adware, download the most recent version of Chrome. This recent version detects when extension or policy is malicious and removes them immediately. Follow these steps to update Google Chrome.

1. Open Google Chrome browser.

2. Click on "Customize and control Google Chrome" icon that is located on upper right corner of the browser. As shown in the image, it has "3 horizontal bar" icon. This is also represented as "Wrench" icon in other versions.


3. From the drop-down list, click About Google Chrome. The program will check for available updates.

Chrome Update

4. After downloading all necessary updates, click on "Relaunch" to complete the process.

Step 1 : Uninstall UtubeAdRemoval from Windows Control Panel

You may skip these steps if the "Quick Removal" procedures have successfully removed UtubeAdRemoval from the computer. Though, if there is a need to carry out manual removal, please execute these steps and refer to guide below specifically created to remove the threat from particular browser.

1. Go to Start > Control Panel.
2. When Control Panel window appears, click on 'Uninstall a program' under Programs area.
3. Your display now shows a screen to uninstall or change a program. Look for a name 'UtubeAdRemoval' and click on Uninstall/Change. If 'UtubeAdRemoval' is not present, try to look and remove items with the following names: Enterprise Policy, Media Player


4. On the next prompt, you need to confirm the uninstall process.
5. Click OK to proceed with the removal of UtubeAdRemoval.

Step 2 : Remove UtubeAdRemoval registry entries

Take note of UtubeAdRemoval Extension ID

1. Open Google Chrome and type chrome://extensions/ in the address field. See image below for reference.
2. On upper right corner of browser window, click on Developer mode. This will reveal ID for each installed extensions.

Chrome Extension

3. Take note or write down the ID assigned to UtubeAdRemoval. We will use this data to remove unwanted registry entries. Please proceed to the next step.


Remove Registry Entries Dropped by UtubeAdRemoval

1. Press Windows Key + R to initiate Run command.
2. Type regedit on the Open field and click OK. This will run registry editor.
3. If User Account Control prompts if you want to allow Registry Editor to make changes on the computer, please click Yes.


3. Navigate to the following registry keys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Google > Chrome > ExtensionInstallForcelist
HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE >Policies > Google > Chrome > ExtensionInstallForcelist

4. Now, on the right pane delete Data value that reflects the extension ID of UtubeAdRemoval, which you have noted earlier. To do this, right-click on the Registry key and select Delete from the drop-down menu.


5. You should confirm the deletion of UtubeAdRemoval key to completely remove the item. Click Yes if 'Confirm Value' Delete pop-ups. You may now exit Registry Editor.


Step 3 : Remove the UtubeAdRemoval Extension from Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome and type chrome://extensions/ in the address field. This will open a tab showing installed extensions.

2. Usually, Google Chrome has empty Extension, unless if you install one base on your preference. Also on this area, you can find the item provided by UtubeAdRemoval. Remove the unwanted entry by clicking on Trash Icon. If in case it is not present, you need to find and remove relevant UtubeAdRemoval extensions like Enterprise Policy, Media Player.

Chrome Extension

5. You may now restart Google Chrome.

Note : If you cannot delete UtubeAdRemoval Extension from Google Chrome...

You may not be able to delete Managed extensions from Google Chrome, thus in order to manually remove UtubeAdRemoval, please follow this steps.

1. Use Windows Explorer and navigate to the following location:

C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions

2. Look for an entry that is similar to UtubeAdRemoval ID.
3. Right-click on the entry, then, select Delete from the menu. You must have an administrative privilege to accomplish this task.


Step 4 : Run Anti-Malware Program to Automatically Remove UtubeAdRemoval

Running anti-malware scan on the affected computer can instantly remove components installed by UtubeAdRemoval. However, there is no guarantee that this will check and fix existing problems on all Internet browsers.

If you did not get rid of UtubeAdRemoval using this virus scan, please check the manual removal instructions as outlined below. Restoring Windows to previous state prior to the infection may also be the solution.

1. Click on the button to start downloading our recommended anti-malware tool. Save it to an accessible location inside your hard drive or clean USB drive if you are downloading from a different PC.

Download Tool

2. Once the download completes, install the tool using the default configuration. You do not need to change any settings while running the installation procedure.
3. Update the program when installation completes. Typically, this is an automated process, so, Internet connection is required in order to download necessary database.
4. Run a complete scan of the affected computer and remove all identified modules linked to UtubeAdRemoval.
5. To finalized the removal process, the program prompts to restart Windows.


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