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Remove Hijacker

What is or Packages Tracker is a deceptive browser extension that pretends to be a functional-looking search application. It usually comes on the computer unexpected. (more…)

How to Uninstall MacRepair (Mac OS)


What is MacRepair?

MacRepair is a rogue application that runs well with Macintosh computers. It presents as a functional tool that can wipe out all types of junks, act as RAM optimizer, and improve the overall Mac performance. (more…)

Remove ByteFence Malware


What is ByteFence?

ByteFence is a valid anti-malware program. But some computer users find it intrusive, especially the manner how it enters their machine. They did not request it, and yet, this becomes available on the browser. ByteFence also instigates changes to the homepage and default search. Because of such behaviors, this application categorizes as a potentially unwanted program (PUP).

How did ByteFence install on the computer?

Similar to most adware, ByteFence uses the popular scheme bundling as the primary way of distribution. It combines free software that computer users usually download from the internet. One common trait of an ad-supported program is not to reveal its inclusion, obviously to trick users. Thus, if you install freeware or shareware without the utmost care, this malware can enter smoothly and quickly on the system.

What it does while running on the system?

When ByteFence successfully loaded on the computer, the affected browser may redirect to selected websites. These sites run by online crook are aiming to earn revenue by generating more traffic. You may also notice unusual displays of various advertisements whenever you surf the internet. The moment you encounter these issues, the next step you have to do is to remove the ByteFence.

Despite the tricky method employ by ByteFence to deliver it to target computers, you can prevent this malware from installing. Here are a few tips you can apply to avoid ByteFence.

• Avoid downloading free software from third party websites or illegitimate sources.
• You should be more cautious when installing freeware or shareware. Be watchful from the start up to the last stage of the installation procedures.
• Always opt for Advanced/Custom settings so you can check for extra applications and deselect it before you proceed to the install process.
• Beware to malicious advertising that offers free software installers, as one of these exploits by ByteFence.
• It is always best to guard your computer with an antivirus program that has a good reputation. Keep your security tool up to date and be running on your system at all times.

How to uninstall ByteFence?

To remove this potentially unwanted program from your computer, we have included on this page a systematic removal instruction. Feel free to follow the guides below.

Screenshot Image

How to Remove You have a ALUREON virus

What is You have a ALUREON virus?

You have a ALUREON virus is a fake error message that tends to scare or bother computer users that their system is deeply infected. Then it advised the victim to call to their technical support for fixing the alleged threat. (more…)

Remove Ads by Zippyshare


What is Zippyshare?

Zippyshare is a free file hosting application that offers no registration required, unlimited downloads, limitless disk space, and allows users to upload up to 500MB per file. It is no doubt that this service is acceptable by merely looking at this phase. (more…)