Puper, Zlob, Alemod and Smitfraud Removal

AntiPuper by Secured2k is an effective tool in removing threats such as Puper, Zlob, Alemod, and SmitFraud. It is a straightforward application that you may download and run directly from hard drive or any removable devices.

This program by secured2k will delete known trojans and virus files associated with the following threats:

  • Trojan.Puper
  • Trojan.Zlob
  • Trojan.Alemod
  • W32.Smitfraud

Trojans mentioned above are caused by Adware and Spyware unknowingly installed on your machine. These threats can be harmful when not removed immediately. Thus, we highly suggest running thorough virus scan to eliminate these threats from your computer immediately.

  • Spyaxe
  • SpywareStrike
  • Winfixer
  • PSGuard

Remove Tool

1. Search and Download AntiPuper v1.2 by secured2k.

2. Save it to your Desktop or any convenient locations on your Hard Disk.

3. Disable Windows System Restore (Windows Me/XP). [how to]

4. Reboot your computer in SafeMode. Press F8 on your keyboard before Windows start-up.

5. Go to the folder where you saved the file Antipuper.Exe

6. Run the file and click Next to begin the process.

7. It will close all programs and reboot the computer if necessary.

8. If it prompts to Reset your Desktop Settings, you may do so to reset it to Windows Default.

9. Proceed with the process until it scans thoroughly your computer.

10. In order to make sure that trojans, adware and spyware is completely eliminated from your computer, carry out a full scan of your computer using AntiVirus and Antispyware Software. Another way to delete the virus using various Antivirus Program without the need to install can be done with Online Virus Scanner.

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