Programs that were added to the computer without full consent of user can be called Adware. Typically, they enter the computer by means of third-party software that includes freeware and other potentially unwanted programs.

Remove Search Secure (

On this page is information covering the removal of Search Secure adware from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Execute the guide to stop the homepage from redirecting to

Remove QuickLogin (Chrome and Firefox)

Remove QuickLogin from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to stop the homepage and browser from redirecting to unwanted web address. Carefully execute the instructions on this page to ensure complete removal of the adware.

Remove FromDocToPDF (Chrome, Firefox, IE)

Removal steps to get rid of FromDocToPDF homepage and toolbar are outlined on special section on this article. Also included are virus and malware removal tools to check the computer for presence of adware-relevant files.

Remove VideoDownloadConverter (by MindSpark)

Remove VideoDownloadConverter from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari using the efficient procedures on this page. It is also vital to scan the computer with anti-malware tool to delete hidden threats.

How to Remove DailyFunnyWorld

Official website of DailyFunnyWorld claims that this program is a practical tool in searching the internet for hilarious memes, funny videos, and GIF’s. However, users need to be aware that installing this program may bring annoyances to browser including pop-ups and redirect advertisements.

How to Remove ConvertDocsOnline

Though ConvertDocsOnline is promoted as tool that is useful in converting docs to PDF format, computer security researchers still consider it as malicious application that can place user’s online privacy and security at high risk.

Remove BeeAware Adware (Mac)

BeeAware pop-ups appearing on Mac system should be ignored as it can cause harm when followed. It is suggested to scan the computer to see if Mac system is compromised by any threat related to BeeAware.

How to Remove GameSearcher

Web users may see GameSearcher as portal for online games without realizing that computer security experts have classified this threat as Adware. It can take control of browser application without user’s consent.

How to Remove Quick-Converter

Adware like Quick-Converter normally present itself as valuable tool to cover its real intention of taking advantage of compromised browser in order to steal data and gain online profit illegally.

Remove ConvertoWiz Search

Unwanted homepage like ConvertoWiz is an unusual program that offers file conversion functionality to hide its real purpose of exploiting the browser for its illicit activity.