Programs that were added to the computer without full consent of user can be called Adware. Typically, they enter the computer by means of third-party software that includes freeware and other potentially unwanted programs.

Smart Suggestor Pop-up Ads

Smart Suggestor is an Internet browser plug-in made by company called Think Tank Labs. The program aims at bringing computer users with relevant materials when doing searches or browsing the web. Moreover, Smart Suggestor pop-up ads that offers huge savings on various deals. Be careful when using these features. There are already complaints that links from this tool may deliver harmful programs into the computer. (more…)

Widgi Toolbar Adware

Widgi Toolbar by Spigot is a program that loads its gadget into your Internet browser without asking for approval. Due to this invasive process, security experts include it in the list of adware. Its origin can be a mixture of online tricks. It uses other software that will appear essential when you are viewing online videos or downloading any software. Makers of Widgi Toolbar usually embed the code to program not known to many. (more…)

QuickShare Adware

QuickShare Coupons

QuickShare is another adware that may invade the computer by means of free software downloads. There are reports that the adware has two elements known as the QuickShare Widget and the QuickShare Coupons. Although, both sections are seen involved in promoting online products and has a purpose of generating income for its authors using pay-per-click campaign. (more…)

Coupon Buddy

Coupon Buddy is a corrupt advertising platform that is included in the list of adware program. Bearing the symptoms and connection to some harmful software, Coupon Buddy is indeed another add-on that you must avoid. In most instances, malware authors are utilizing the ad space from Coupon Buddy toolbars and pop-ups to deliver malicious links to Internet users. (more…)

Remove Giant Savings

Giant Savings is an adware program, which was made to bring savings, offers, and coupons to Internet users. It is more inclined to online advertising to ensure promotion of products and services. It is installed as an add-on or extension to your browser so that security programs may not see it as harmful object. Giant Savings normally loads into the computer without asking for user’s permission. Web site that offers free program download usually bundles this adware to other software. (more…)

Setaga Deal Finder

Setaga Deal Finder

Setaga Deal Finder virus is a usual program that delivers bogus promotions and savings coupon. It attempts to mislead users into visiting endorsed merchant web site and buy from them using the provided coupon. In fact, victims will not gain any from this transaction. This is because, adware Setaga Deal Finder was made to direct traffic to unpopular merchant sites or online product pages. (more…)

Remove FindGala Search


FindGala Search is a browser hijacker that alters the home page of affected browser. Instead of the default or user’s settings, it will display a search bar that is using search engine. With this new version, you will see logos of popular web sites to make you think that FindGala is attached to them. (more…)

Uninstall CouponDropDown


CouponDropDown is an adware program that displays unwanted pop-up advertisements on the screen. This adware was made simply to post relevant ads when user is browsing the Internet. Most people who acquired CouponDropDown are not aware of the package they are downloading from the Internet. It is bundled with tools that you may consider useful but in the end, will cause your computer to be at risk. (more…)

StartNow Search and Toolbar

StartNow Search

StartNow Search and Toolbar is an adware program that is installed may come bundled with other software. You can obtain this when downloading and installing free programs from third-party provider. Normally, StartNow is packed with tools like MP3 player, Video codec, Web tools, and many more. (more…)

Remove Mystart by Incredibar Search and Toolbar

Mystart by Incredibar

Mystart by Incredibar Search and Toolbar is considered as adware due to its intrusive actions to be installed inside the computer. Many computer users are objecting its presence and changes it has made to the system without their consent. Mystart by Incredibar Search in particular will conquer the home page and shows a search box from (more…)