Rogue programs can vary from fake scanners to bogus anti-virus software. This malicious software normally pretends to be useful by running self-diagnosis on the computer and immediately alert users of identified problems. Then, it prompts to fix errors by purchasing the full version of endorsed product.

Remove IObyte System Care (Uninstall Guide)

IObyte System Care is a deceptive computer optimizer and security tool that came from large family of rogue applications. This potentially unwanted program masquerades as effective and reliable software that revamps Windows PC to brand new working condition. (more…)

Remove Full PC Care 2.0 (PUP)

Full PC Care 2.0 is deemed as rogue security and system optimizer that discreetly penetrates the computer along with other dubious software package that you may have obtained from questionable internet servers. (more…)

How to Remove Win Magician

Win Magician is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) claiming that it scans your computer for malware, junk and privacy, invalid registries, and web security related issues. If Win Magician was done scanning the computer, it will produce results showing the list of detected issues, but fixing them would not be possible unless you pay for the registered version of the product. (more…)

Remove Mac Fixer Pro (PUP)

Mac Fixer Pro is considered as potentially unwanted program (PUP) as its entry on Mac computer is totally uninvited. Creators of this supposed security and optimization tool are making use of various misinformation tactics to get Mac Fixer Pro inside the computer. (more…)

Remove Webmoka Cleaner (Uninstall Guide)

Webmoka Cleaner is fake utility tool which advertised as computer program that will help improve the performance of your system to an unexceptional level. It also claims that this all-in-one utility can manage all system issues. (more…)

Remove Mac Fixer

Mac computer security experts judged Mac Fixer as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Its official web site states that it is the most efficient and user-friendly tool that will optimize, clean, speed up, and secure Mac computer. (more…)

Remove Qbit Mac Speedup (Mac OS)

Qbit Mac Speedup is promoted on official website as valuable application that enhances Mac OS computer. The program claims to secure and optimize the system, thus improving its overall performance. (more…)

Remove Mac Magician (Mac OS)

Mac Magician is a suspicious Macintosh system optimization and security tool, which do not live to its promises. It claims to enhance system performance but once it is inside the computer, it is the one that diminishes the operation due to excessive pop-ups and warnings it produces. (more…)

Remove Smart Mac Tuneup (Mac OS)

Smart Mac Tuneup is a security and enhancement tool that was identified to be a member of rogue family. If installed and runs on Mac computer, users may experience ceaseless but quick system scans, which present hundreds of troubles and malware presence. (more…)

Remove Xtron System Care (Uninstall Guide)

Xtron System Care is marketed online as versatile enhancement and security tool combo. It claims that the program is competent in optimizing the computer and protecting it against malware, potentially unwanted program (PUP). (more…)