Rogue programs can vary from fake scanners to bogus anti-virus software. This malicious software normally pretends to be useful by running self-diagnosis on the computer and immediately alert users of identified problems. Then, it prompts to fix errors by purchasing the full version of endorsed product.

Remove Quick Mac Care (Mac OS)

Quick Mac Care is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) or categorically known as rogue security and optimization program. Official website claims it as legitimate tool that improves performance of Mac computer by fixing errors and removing malware threats. (more…)

How to Remove mBytes Speedup Pro

mBytes Speedup Pro is a threat to millions of computers worldwide because its creators are utilizing various online distribution strategies. It can anonymously get inside the computer by stuffing the code to freeware or shareware that users often acquire from their favorite sources. (more…)

How to Remove mBytes Clean Pro

mBytes Clean Pro is a computer security and enhancement application from family of rogue developers. When installed on the computer, the conceited tool continuously issue pop-up warnings and alerts stating that it has identified numerous errors and threats. (more…)

Remove Registry Cleaner (PUP)

Registry Cleaner is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) that affirms it can detect system errors, enhance system performance, fix software related issues, and delete junk files. When you utilize this program to diagnose MS Windows computers, it will list thousands of identified issues but will not help you fix it until Registry Cleaner works in full mode. (more…)

How to Remove Microsoft Cleanup

Microsoft Cleanup is rogue computer optimization tool claiming that it is capable of detecting and fixing registry errors. It also assert that this application is able to keep the stability and better performance of computer by removing junk files, fixing startup errors, and clearing browser cache and redundant files. (more…)

How to Remove PC Boost Pro

PC Boost Pro is a doubtful program with primary objective of misleading computer users to promote itself as worthy Windows registry fixer and optimization software. It claims that by having this tool, users can easily fix broken registries, invalid startups, corrupt software, and also boost system memory. (more…)

How to Remove Regeasyfixer

Regeasyfixer is a bogus program that is deemed harmful when installed on Windows computer system. It arrives on PC uninvited through several misleading techniques including the widely utilized software bundling method. (more…)

How to Remove Better Mechanic

Better Mechanic is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) that was made to mislead users and claims that it can optimize system performance by fixing system errors and broken Windows registry. However, when we tests Better Mechanic, it is noticeable that most of the issues it identifies on our Windows system are not really causing issues on performance. (more…)

How to Remove PC Regcleaners

PC Regcleaners is classified as rogue software pretending to be a useful registry fixer and system optimization tool. It can sneak inside your Windows PC system and cause multitude of issues ranging from annoying pop-ups to system slow down. (more…)

How to Remove Registry Doc

Registry Doc is a deceptive computer security and optimization tool that came from notorious family of rogue applications. This potentially unwanted application (PUA) masquerades as effective and reliable software that enhances system performance by fixing errors especially missing and corrupt Windows registry. (more…)