Computer virus is a broad range of threats that can harm the computer in distinctive ways. Each type of computer virus was made for specific purpose of attacking the system and attains its malicious objective.

How to Remove Mkos Ransomware (.mkos Files Virus)


About Mkos ransomware?

Mkos is another version of STOP/DJVU ransomware virus. If you cannot open your personal and precious files or they become unusable, this means that a virus is hitting your machine. To encrypt images, videos, documents, and other vital files on infected device is the main target of Mkos. To put a mark to all encrypted files, it alters the name of each file by affixing .mkos extension.

As soon as Mkos virus is done with file encryption, it notifies you about what happen to your file through a ransom note. The message delivers by way of a text file called _readme.txt. Cyber crook placed it on victim’s Windows desktop. It declares that your files were encrypted with the strongest encryption and unique key. The only way to regain access to your files is by means of the decrypt software.

Online crook insist that this tool is all you need to decode your files. However, before you get the decrypt tool, you have to pay the required amount. You have 72 hours to contact malware author via email at salesrestoresoftware @ If you message them within that period, the amount of ransom is $490. But, when you send an email after the time limit given, the amount of ransom you need to pay go up to $980.

What is the prime cause of why the Mkos virus infects your computer?

If you open an email with malicious links, from an unknown sender, and with an eye-catching subject, you are most likely to get the Mkos virus. It is the main way to transmit this virus to your machine. The message claim that it comes from the bank, known shipping companies, and other known business firms. This malware tries to trick you and convince you to click the attached file. When you click on it, the virus starts loading to your system.

What to do if Mkos virus attacks your computer?

Once Mkos ransomware infect your machine, the best you can do is remove the ransom virus. Keep in mind that paying the amount demanded cannot resolve any issues. As much as possible, delete this malware from your machine, since it can cause more damaging effect if you let it stay running on your system. Take note that even if you pay the ransom, there is no assurance that cyber crook will send back the decrypt software. Thus, in a case like this, the best option is to restore your data through your back up.

To clear out your machine from Mkos virus, you can use the steps below. Kindly follow the removal guides carefully.

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Remove Merl ransomware (.merl Files Virus)


What is Merl ransomware virus?

Merl ransomware is a virus that enables personal and valuable files to become inaccessible. It uses the file-encrypting scheme to hold access to images, videos, databases, and other vital data on an infected computer. If you see your files renamed by appending .merl extension, it signifies that this ransom virus is infecting your system.

To relay the ransom message, it drops a text file called _readme.txt on the victim’s Windows desktop. Merl virus declares what happens to your files. It states that your files were encrypted with the strongest encryption and unique key. The only way to restore it is through the decryption software. However, you have to pay first before you get the decrypt tool. Online attacker emphasizes that there is no other way to recover your files except for paying the ransom.

Cybercriminals require victims to contact them via email at salesrestoresoftware @ within 72 hours. If you send an email within a specified time limit, you have to pay $490. But if you try to communicate them after 72 hours, the ransom amount will be doubled. Thus, the price you need to pay is $980.

To convince you that they will release your files, it instructs the victim to send an encrypted file, and they will decrypt it free of charge. Regardless of what strategy or favorable-looking offer propose by schemers, you should not entertain it. Their goal is nothing but to collect money from its victims.

If Merl ransomware attacks your computer, the best action you need is to remove the virus infection from your machine to stop all harmful activities while it runs on the device. As regards to your encrypted files, the best option is to recover it through your data backup.

How did Merl ransomware attack the computer?

Merl virus has different ways to hit the targeted machines. This malware can be delivered by the third-party website that caters to download free yet questionable software. In most instances, this virus spread through malicious email attachments. The sender often disguises as a bank or financial institution, known organization, and popular shipping companies. In other words, this tries to send emails that will grab your attention to open it.

Security options to prevent Merl ransomware virus

• Be more careful when downloading freeware. Always check for additional offers as Merl virus may be one of the extra programs.
• Never download applications from third-party websites.
• Do not open an email attachment from an unknown sender. This file might infect your system with ransomware or other cyber attacks.
• Another security option is to install antivirus software that has a good reputation. Keep it up to date and must be running at all times.

Removal of Merl ransomware

To delete Merl ransomware virus from your computer, we have formulated detailed instructions. Kindly follow the steps carefully.

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Remove Zobm Ransomware (.zobm Files Virus)


What is the Zobm ransomware virus?

Zobm is a file-encrypting virus that targets personal and valuable files of computer users. If you cannot open your documents, images, videos, and other important data, this means that a crypto-virus infect your system. (more…)