Computer virus is a broad range of threats that can harm the computer in distinctive ways. Each type of computer virus was made for specific purpose of attacking the system and attains its malicious objective.

How to Remove Coot Ransomware (.coot Files Virus)


The creator of STOP ransomware released another file-encrypting virus known as Coot. If you failed to access text documents, images, videos, databases, and other personal and valuable files on the computer, it simply means that Coot is bugging your system. (more…)

Remove Bora Ransomware (Recover .bora Files)

Having .bora files on the computer signifies that it is infected with a highly hazardous threat, which malware researchers named Bora ransomware. Having this parasite on the computer also means that your system is affected, as well as installed anti-virus application. (more…)

Remove Xoza Ransomware

Xoza virus is another malicious software that adds up to hazardous file-encrypting virus under STOP/DJVU ransomware group. For those of you that are not aware of this malware family, they are a collection of most destructive crypto-virus. Previous variants that caused severe damages to user’s personal files are still active until now like Kuub, Noos, and Boot. (more…)

Remove Reco Ransomware (Recover .reco Files)

The Reco ransomware is a highly hazardous code and is a verified member of STOP malware group. It is known to be an addition to many versions of unruly file-locker threat that sole intention is to gain profit by taking hostage of user’s personal files. (more…)

How to Remove Kuub Ransomware

If computer is infected with Kuub ransomware, all files will be encrypted and users may not get them back soon even when paying the huge ransom cost. All data will have a .kuub extension as additional suffix and there is no way for any installed programs to open this file type. (more…)

Remove Noos Ransomware (Decrypt .noos File)

Noos is a ransom virus that characterise STOP (DJVU) family of malware. Though attackers have utilizes many variants of this virus to extract money from victims, they are still in this fraudulent business creating alternative versions for the same purpose. (more…)

Remove Boot Ransomware

Boot is a computer virus that falls under the classification of Ransomware. This category is specific to harmful software that applies complex encryption algorithm in order to thwart victims from accessing their own files. (more…)

Remove Nesa Ransomware (.nesa File Infection)

Users should be aware that ransomware infections are in upward trend specifically those that belong to STOP/DJVU malware family. Nesa is the recent edition and as computer users, you must take all precautionary measures in avoiding the computer from being infected with this hazardous threat. (more…)

Remove Karl Ransomware

It is not a good sign if your file extensions suddenly changed to .karl because this unusual file format is associated with a crypto-virus infection or most specifically related to STOP/DJVU malware. (more…)