Wait a minute! This is important – we check your device

Stop the pop-up “Wait a minute! This is important - we check your device” by removing the rogue program that causes it to appear. On this page, you will find procedure and free removal tools to end this fake warning.

A browser hijacker that redirects your browser to a web page “Wait a minute! This is important – we check your device” page belongs to a rogue program Security Tool. Its intention is to scare computer users with a Windows Explorer-type virus scanner. It mimics Windows Explorer to trick user and make it look like that the scan occurs locally. Victim is not aware that the scanner is performing the scan using resources from a rented web space. Later it will detect several threats and alert users that it must be removed by having the registered version of promoted program.

If you accidentally visits web site like this, immediately close the browser and cease the Internet connection. That may halt the downloading of malware. Also, run an antivirus scan to ensure that newly downloaded virus will be removed from the system.

Screenshot Image:

Wait a minute! This is important - we check your device

Alias: AV Security Suite

Browsers Affected: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome


Avoid this website:
1. Never visit this website as it can infect your computer with virus and malicious programs.
2. Block browser redirects using your own firewall and security programs. A settings to block websites in Internet Explorer or avoid websites in FireFox can also be configured manually.
3. Keep your security programs and operating system updated with the latest security patch and practice safe Internet browsing to keep browser hijackers away.

Additional Details :
Clicking on a “Remove”, “Scan” or “Clean” buttons will redirect users to a payment processing website established by malware authors. This will facilitate payment for the purchase the the fake antivirus program.

"Wait a minute! This is important - we check your device" Removal Procedures

Systematic procedures to get rid of the threat are presented on this section. Make sure to scan the computer with suggested tools and scanners.

Step 1 : Run Anti-Malware Program to Automatically Remove "Wait a minute! This is important - we check your device"

Running anti-malware scan on the affected computer can instantly remove components installed by "Wait a minute! This is important - we check your device". However, there is no guarantee that this will check and fix existing problems on all Internet browsers.

If you did not get rid of "Wait a minute! This is important - we check your device" using this virus scan, please check the manual removal instructions below. Restoring Windows to previous state prior to the infection may also be the solution.

1 Click the button to start downloading our recommended anti-malware tool. Save it to an accessible location inside your hard drive or clean USB drive if you are downloading from a different PC.

Download Tool

2 Once the download completes, install the tool using the default configuration. You do not need to change any settings while running the installation procedure.

3 Update the program when installation completes. Typically, this is an automated process, so, Internet connection is required in order to download necessary database.

4 Run a complete scan of the affected computer and remove all identified threats.


5 To finalized the removal process, the program prompts to restart Windows.


About Marco Mathew

Marco Mathew works as Windows Network administrator before establishing precisesecurity.com. Now, Marco is dedicating full-time to help computer users' fight viruses, malware, trojan, worms, adware, and potentially unwanted programs.


  1. AvatarAG_the fox

    Thanks a lot for the information regarding the security tool rogueware.
    I really got scared by that thing twice but realised that something is wrong when my own antivirus could’nt detect anything. I was redirected to this site through google when i searched “wait a minute this is important!”. Once again thanks a lot….fox!!

  2. AvatarJM

    These people that run this bogus Wait a minute! This is important – we check your device
    outh to be haunted down and given the death penalty. These people that come up with this type of melware outh to be made an example of with the toughest penalty ever imposed. There outh to be a zero tolernece toward these type of spyware hackers.

  3. Avatarmikey

    Avast! Warning! caution a virus has been detected

  4. Avatarmikey

    Avast! Alert…

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