Remove MacEnizer (Mac OS)

To remove fake MacEnizer from your Mac computer, we are suggests carrying out the procedures below. Scan the computer with recommended virus and malware removal tool to locate and delete malicious items from Mac system.

MacEnizer is promoted on official website as useful software that enhances Mac OS computer. The program claims to secure and optimize the computer, thus improving its overall performance. However, Mac security analyst discovered and they want to share with you the findings that MacEnizer is part of a notorious PCVARK rogue software family. This is not the same MacEnizer that is offered from legitimate vendor Applications from this group have bad reputation because in order to make victims pay for the licensed key, this type of rogue tool will produce many false claims regarding security and performance issues.

Another thing why MacEnizer is graded as hazardous is the fact that people behind this program are utilizing several invasive schemes to reach Mac computers. It can be installed on the computer without user’s knowledge or approval because of the software bundling technique normally applied to spread MacEnizer. Victims reported that MacEnizer suddenly appears on their Mac computer right after the installation of free software they have downloaded and installed where sources are typical pop-up advertisements and redirects. This is a technique where MacEnizer authors aims to trick web users trough attractive free software. Actually, there are countless misleading cost-less application installers that has a bundled MacEnizer but users never get to notice this additional software until such time that it is fully installed and start to show various annoying scans and pop-up alerts.

Presence of MacEnizer on the computer causes occasional system scanning that fabricates false results aiming to shove victims to purchase the license key. In addition to this deceitful scanner findings, users will see frequent pop-up warnings and alerts exhibiting the same conclusion. Again, this is an attempt by attackers to influence victims to obtain the full version of MacEnizer. Before falling into these tricks by cyber criminals, you must remove the rogue application as soon as possible. Complete guide and tools to remove MacEnizer are provided below.

Screenshot Image:

Fake MacEnizer

Here are the two websites of MacEnizer application. Above ( image is the screenshot of the fake tool, while image below ( is the real and official website of the utility software.

Legit MacEnizer

MacEnizer Removal Procedures

Below are several steps that you should carry out to delete MacEnizer unwanted program from Mac computer.

We highly recommend executing both manual removal and thorough scanning of the system using the provided tool.

Fast and Easy Removal with Combo Cleaner

To quickly find and delete rogue programs from Mac system, we highly recommend scanning the computer with Combo Cleaner. This comprehensive and complete tool for Mac is equipped with an advanced virus, malware, and adware scan engines.

1 Download Combo Cleaner from the link below.

Download Combo Cleaner

2Double-click on the file to install the program. As show in the image below, drag the Combo to Applications folder.

Install Combo Cleaner

3 Open Launchpad and click on the Combo Cleaner icon to run the tool.

4Click on Start Combo Scan button to begin checking the computer for malicious objects.

Combo Cleaner Scanner

Free virus scanner of Combo Cleaner checks and detects various kinds of threats. To remove them from the infected computer, you will have to purchase the full version of Combo Cleaner.

Manual Removal and Additional Scan

Close MacEnizer Application

1 Close MacEnizer opened window or running application.

2 On your keyboard, press Command + Option + Esc to open Force Quit Applications window. Alternatively, you can go to Finder > Go > Utilities > Activity Monitor.

3 Select MacEnizer from the list of running processes and click on Force Quit button.

Force Quit

Delete MacEnizer Login Items

4 Go to Apple menu and choose System Preferences from the drop-down list.

5 Open Users and Groups and click on Login Items button to show the list of applications that launches automatically.

Remove Login Items

6 Please select MacEnizer and click on minus button (-) at the bottom of the window to remove this unwanted item.

Manually delete MacEnizer items

7 Navigate the Apple Finder and click on "Go". Then, select "Go to Folder". Alternatively, use keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + G.

Go Folder

8 Copy and paste, or type the following line in the field and press Enter on your keyboard:


9 LaunchAgents folder should open at this point. Look for items with the following names or similar entry:

  • com.MacEnizer.agent.plist
  • com.MacEnizer.hlpr
  • ME.hlpr
  • MacEnizer.agent
  • Helperme

10 Move each file to the Trash. This action may require administrator privilege. If you are not logged in as administrator, you need to provide required password.

11 Using the same "Go to Folder" procedures, open this location:


12 Look for the same files and folders and move it to Trash.

13 Next, we need to look at Application Support folder. Using the same method as above. Go to this location:

~/Library/Application Support

14 Locate the following items and move it to Trash:

  • MacEnizer
  • MacEnizerhlpr
  • Helperme

15 Go back to Apple Menu, click Go, and then select Applications from the drop-down list.

Apple Applications

16 Delete the following folders just in case they do exist.

  • MacEnizer
  • MacEnizerhlpr
  • Helperme
Note: Malware may use alternative names instead of MacEnizer to mislead security programs as well as users. If in case the above list is not present, please look for unfamiliar or suspicious items.

Scan with MBAM to check for MacEnizer remaining objects

17 Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac from the link below.

Download MBAM for Mac

18 Drag the downloaded file MBAM-Mac-[version].dmg to Applications folder.

19 Under Applications folder, right-click on Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and select "Open" from the given choices.

20 After opening the tool, click on the "Scan" button to start checking the computer for presence of MacEnizer and other malware.

MBAM for Mac Scan

21 When scanning is done, the tool will display all identified threats. Be sure to select malicious items.

22 Click on "Remove Selected Items" to delete the threats.

Remove Threat from MBAM

We hope that the procedures and removal tool on this page was able to help you in removing MacEnizer. Your computer should now be malware free.


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