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Free Online Virus Scanner is an effective solution to scan and remove common virus and malware threats from your computer without the need to install separate antivirus software. All it requires are launcher, Java or Active-x components. Using free online virus scanner might not help protect your system from viruses, but at least you can remove existing virus infection. You can also analyze which of the below scanner has the higher detection ratio. As the saying goes, not all antivirus are created equal.

– Internet connection
– Administrative privilege for Windows Operating System


1. Temporarily Disable System Restore in Windows 7/Vista/8.

Note: You must have an Administrator Privilege to disable System Restore. It is advised to enable System Restore after this procedure. This method will delete existing restore points. If you are planning to use these restore points, do not proceed with this step.

a) Open Windows Explorer or Libraries.
b) On left sidebar, right-click on Computer, then select Properties.
c) On left sidebar of Control Panel Home, select System Protection.
d) System Properties windows will appear. On Protection Settings area, please select OS (C:)(System) and click Configure.
e) On Restore Settings, select Turn off system protection.
f) Click OK to save the settings.

For Windows ME user, you can find the procedures here.
For Windows XP user, follow the System Restore in Windows XP.

2. Reboot computer in SafeMode with Networking to be able to connect to Internet while in safe mode.

a) During BootUp process Press F8 continuously until selection appears.
b) Use Arrow Up+Down to select SafeMode with Networking on the selections menu.
c) Hit Enter on your keyboard to proceed.

3. Connect to Internet and Scan with any of the following on-line Virus Scanner.

Symantec Security Check

Symantec Security Check

Symantec Security Check will scan computer for exposure to various kinds of online threats and viruses. This utility is consist of Security Scan and Virus Detection. Symantec Security Check is an effective solution to check your computer’s security status. Proceed with the scan.

Update: This is now called Norton Security Scan. A free lightweight virus scanner that can be downloaded for free.

TrendMicro Housecall

TrendMicro Housecall

TrendMicro’s HouseCall can detect and remove extensive kinds of computer threats like viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and malware. In addition to quickscan, HouseCall has other scan options to suit your needs.


Panda Active Scan

Panda Active Scan

Panda ActiveScan is an easy to use online virus detection that can run on your browser. With greater detection capability, Panda ActiveScan will identify all types of computer threats.

Bitdefender  QuickScan

Bitdefender QuickScan

Bitdefender QuickScan quickly detects viruses on your system with its in-the-cloud scanning technology. It runs online from any PC as long as it has Internet access.

F-Secure Online Scan

F-Secure Online Scan

F-Secure Online Scanner helps you get rid ot viruses, malware and spyware that causes troubles on the computer.

Update: F-Secure Online Scanner is discontinued.

 Note: Online Virus Scanner works with default Internet browser settings (Medium security level).  It may also require add-ons and components like ActiveX and JavaScript files. For better results, please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

4. Thoroughly scan your computer with On-line Virus scanner and clean/delete all infected files.

5. Reboot computer and start normally.

6. Do another scan to make sure that there are no threats left on your computer.

32 Responses

  1. randy says:

    this is great!!!

  2. reegan says:

    thanks for the usefull information i will try this and see thank you so much

  3. Don-don says:

    Great 5 star this solve the autorun.jamesgo.dll

  4. sabeel says:

    my workstation effected with tazebama hidden virus, please provide me antivirus removal tool.


  5. David says:

    I appear to have a virus/infection that randomly puts up the numeral 1 [one] in text etc.
    I have used AVG and Kaspersky and nothing found. Does anyone have any ideas???

  6. eriko says:

    i hve a problem, wen i tried to disable the system restore, there was an error then the computer asked me to restart my computer. i restartd it and tried to disable it again BUT i the system restore tab is gone! wud anyone plz tell me wat happend????

  7. dan says:

    I somehow got the KVM-secure virus, and I ran “spybot-search and destroy”….it found the virus and removed it.

  8. Not happy says:

    its not possible to connect to the internet in safe mode. Who came up with this?

  9. Taking chances says:

    I already have Symantec antivirus and Norton antibot installed on my computer. But these softwares cannot remove infostealer.Onlinegame although Symantec antivirus could detect it. So I’m here trying my luck. So far, Symantec online scanner refused to work on my computer. Then I tried TrendMicro Housecall but it could detect only cookies. So now I moved on to Ewido Networks. Let’s see.

  10. spike113 says:

    Now who in the world ever told you that you can not connect to the internet in safe mode? All safe mode does is load or unload drivers and dll’s.

  11. Kn0TewBryte says:

    I also cannot connect to the internet in safe mode.
    I have a virus called backdoor.tidservlinf
    How do I remove this manually? and how can I log on to the internet in safe mode?

  12. sandipan dutta says:

    I tried to clean W32.downadup with the procedure but couldn’t clean. Could you give me a concrit solution to remove it..

  13. YakuzaGirl says:

    not sure what i got but, i got this link sent to me from a friend which opens a site to open a video, the video won’t open and it says i need to update my flash player from the site, after doing that my messenger went crazy when i send instant message to other peopl, it doesn’t send what i type, but it sends the link with the flashplayer.exe file.. anyone knows how to get rid of this worm thingy >_< please help me out!!! it’s driving me crazy

  14. jeff says:

    Not happy, try to read the instruction. It says “Safe mode with networking” Using this, You can conncet to the internet while in safe mode. fooooooooo

  15. naresh Verma says:


    I have resolve this issue using Symantec antivirus/end point security.
    1. check your antivirus must be updated.
    2. if not use the following link and download the av update on not infected system.
    3. copy the update file on infected system and run tan reboot the system.
    4 after 15 min system re-reboot your system .
    Now you able to open the antivirus website and your system will be virus free.

  16. sean says:

    there is no way i can disable system restore, because all i get when i turn of my computer is a blank screen. i can’t find the start button anywhere and i have a windowsxp

  17. joilson says:

    ola galera!!! peguei um virus baixanduu…musicas pelo limewire…ééé…por nome de: Trojan.Brisv.A! Inf …. eu uso o antivirus norton…meu sistema operacional e vista home……comooooooooooo…faço pra excluir esse virus..por favor alguem ai ajuda…….porfavor…ha baixei um programa que segundo ha symantec ..era pra excluir esse virus mas ..ate agora esse programa verifica e nao axa nda….sab…. mas qd verifico com o norton la ta ele na mesma pasta…alguem ai pde me ajudar…!!! obigado desdes ja….flw

  18. adir says:

    i have this three viruses on my pc one is called crypto under that there is ritu.exe and tsco.exe and ect3t7.dll ant the othe one is instyler ex-it! Self-Extractor how do i delete them all

  19. Peter Owens says:

    This procedure worked for me but I should warn others that I had about 250 Gb of data all up . So each online scan took in excess of 10 hours!
    I used Ewido, then Trend Micro, then Bitdefender which I ran twice.
    All up about 80 malwares were foun!!
    I have no idea how many false positives were removed Or what unneccecsry damage was done – I justy wanted the virii gone.
    Good luck, don’t expect success in 5 minutes!

  20. Mazaratto says:

    AMP …

  21. gil dupitas says:

    how to remove w32.pavsee.c

  22. yage says:

    why my web browser is not displaying the saved web browser page.

  23. Javed says:

    Hello i just want to delete my flash disk virus online .

  24. seye mor says:

    dispongo di un kaspersky antivirus ,con il systema operativo vista,il mio computer e infettato da personal security come systemrlo

  25. jayvee says:

    the Trojan is a highest virus that can multiply more Trojans please give me more Trojans to my computer

  26. Sunday says:

    I need an antivirus scanner

  27. Bob Bobson says:

    The first online multi-scanner I ever saw was Jotti’s, but now, I use VirusTotal. It is the best of the bunch because it lets you check any suspicious files with numerous anti-virus scanners. Even better, it lets you avoid waiting for it to be scanned if it has already been scanned before (though you still get the option of re-scanning with the latest definitions). Better yet, you can avoid uploading the file at all by using the VT Uploader program or by manually hashing the file and entering that at the site.

  28. javier ruiz mosqueda says:


  29. Nikola says:

    Only bitdefender and f-secure work for me, other say that my browser is too old and that ActiveX or activescan can’t work on it. Bitdefender says that my computer is clean, yet I still have a virus that randomly restarts my computer and plays a file called “form1” at startup. How can I solve this!?

  30. Ramsey says:

    Please could I have your assisstance? For a couple of days now I have been teying to get rid of a virus. Win32 ramnit.L. I have tried reinstalling windows 7 ultimate from original ins disk and a bootanle disk containing windows 7 sp1. Neither of these will complete due to missing components. I have tried all sorts of anti malware amd virus scanners and even tried to delete the files from the registry. I’m failing at everything. Please could you advise?

  31. Mabasa says:

    Can u help me remove malware in my facebook plz

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