How to Reset Internet Explorer Default Settings Automatically or Manually

Internet Explorer settings may be changes manually or even without our consent while visiting various web sites. These changes are usually required by site contents or add-on commonly downloaded and installed without user’s consent.

Computer virus infections may do various modifications on Internet Explorer that is necessary for its malicious operation. It is always the best solution to return settings back to default values to avoid further harm and annoyances such as browser redirection, pop-ups advertisements and home page modification.

If Internet Explorer are experiencing frequent error, stop responding, crashing and browser redirection then you might want to try resetting it to the original state.

Automatic Reset of Internet Explorer Settings:

Internet Explorer can be reset automatically by going to Microsoft website and click the button Fix it. A dialog box will open. Click Run to start restoring your Internet Explorer to its default settings. The file can also be saved on your local hard drive, USB drives and CD so that you can run it on another computer.

Set Internet Explorer to Default Settings Manually:

1. Open Control Panel, under Network and Internet on Windows Vista/7. Double-click on Internet Options to display the properties.

2. On Internet Properties window, select the Advanced tab.

3. On Advanced tab click on Reset. It will warn you to close any running applications before it can proceed. Just follow the prompts and apply the reset.

This reset on Internet Explorer settings will delete all temporary files, disable add-ons and restore all the changes made to its default configuration.

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