Restore Windows XP to an Earlier Date

A built-in Windows tool called System Restore can bring back computer to its previous state. If the system is not functioning correctly or some files were infected, it can be replaced with the undamaged one provided that Windows XP System Restore is enabled and a restore point was created. Please take note that System Restore will not be able to bring back personal files like documents, images, photos and videos. This tool is intended for Windows system files and configuration only.


To begin restoring Windows XP to a previous state or ealier date please follow these steps:

1. You must log on to Windows with Administrative privilege. Ordinary user log-on is not allowed to utilized this feature.

2. Click on StartAccessories > System Tools, then System Restore. This will open the configuration box for System Restore.

3. A “Welcome to System Restore” Screen will be displayed.

XP Restore

4. Please select “Restore my computer to an earlier time”, then press Next.

5. You will be given a calendar where you can select the desired restore point. These are your previously saved point. Please choose a restore point then click Next.

6. On Confirm Restore Point Selection, click Next to confirm. The system will rebuild the system using your former settings. After that, Windows needs to restart to complete the process.

7. After boot-up, log-on again with Administrative rights. If Restoration Complete page appears, click OK to finalized settings.

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