Solving “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site” Error

You may encounter an error “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site  – Operation aborted” when trying to open a website that is running a Google API script or a Java Script. This may occur on lower versions of Internet Explorer and to the newly updated ones. This may be a server side or client side issue. So we are attaching here various solutions to solve “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site.”

Ways to Fix “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site”:

Modifying Script of Web site to Fix “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site”
On server side, it may occur when loading a page that is calling a JavaScript within a page. So to workaround with it, you may add defer=”defer” tag to your the script as shown below.

<script defer=”defer” type=”text/javascript” src=”src goes here”>/*your code here*/</script>

Configure Internet Explorer to Fix This Error:
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Go to top menu,  Tools > Internet Option
3. Select Security tab
4. Select the web content: Internet

5. Click the Custom Level.
6. Look for Active scripting and Scripting of Java applets and Disable them. Click OK to save the settings.

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  1. omar avila says:

    THANKS !!!
    i was trying to fix this isseu in the internet explorer for a long time,,,

  2. Kel says:

    Thank you.This has been driving me crazy for a while.Thank you!!!!!

  3. Tahseen says:

    Thank you so much for this fix! This has been driving me crazy!

  4. paul says:

    thank you

  5. Sandy says:

    Thank you. You explained it all so nicely and not in jargon. Unfortunately, I did it all, and then I got the message that I must TURN ON the script…Any other ideas what I could do ? Please, help me.

  6. Jay says:

    Works great but now YouTube doesn’t work.

  7. Brett Noack says:

    A little short sited. This may allow the sites to open… but you cant use them any longer… So it’s not a fix at all!

  8. Matt says:

    This is an absolute ridiculous “solution” to this issue. Disable all JavaScript? You might have well as said disable the internet.

  9. ZYGMUNT says:

    Thank you.I was about to reinstall system.

  10. Ian says:

    Finally fixed this problem. Thank you.

  11. kati says:

    Thank you. finally this problem i can fixed.

  12. Andrew says:


  13. srisuk says:

    Thank you very much. The solving step is easy to follow.

  14. cosmin says:


    Another way to solve this would be to add the javascript code as a child of the body tag.
    This is recommended in case your script uses document.write, otherwise the document.write would redirect you.

  15. Adrian says:

    Thank you very very very much!

  16. nong jang says:

    Thanks a lot for this guide.

  17. Ayla says:

    Thank you very, very much. I’m back online. Greatly appreciate your post.

  18. Stacy says:

    I tried to turn on/off different options and add-ons but it didn’t work. This actually fixed the problem!! Thank you so much!!

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  20. kapil says:

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  21. Ali says:

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  22. Mr B says:

    Yup…that did it ….many thanks !

  23. MC says:

    appears to have worked for me too :o)

  24. Nik says:

    Thank you very much

  25. GiGi says:

    It fixs the problem then go to youtube and you cant see any videos all you get is black screen… so you go from one problem to another…Hello….

  26. Mandeep singh says:

    Thank you very much !its working Quite nicely

  27. Prateek Dalal says:

    Thank You,
    Keep doing such Great work.

  28. joy says:

    Doesn’t work for me because I was trying to configure it but I was frustrated.

  29. william kone says:

    I followed your posted instructions, it did not fix the problem.
    you mention add java scrip, how do I do it?

  30. Mitch says:

    I tried everything I could find, but nothing worked. So… I went to my control panel and located “manage addons.” I disabled every addon. Clicked on the internet icon, and voila! My internet was back! Then, I went back and started adding my “addon” back until I found the culprit that was fouling me up. It turned out to be two Adobe PDF files. When I deleted “Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper” and “Adobe PDF Link Helper” my internet opened right back up. When I added “enabled” these two addons again, my internet went away again. Go figure! Anyway, my Adobe PDF Reader was not the problem. Hope this helps someone like me who was going crazy trying to find the problem. Thanks. Mitch

  31. manish garg says:

    thanks for this suggestion

  32. jxjd says:

    it works :) !!!

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    keep doing sir

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    Thanks a lot.

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    Thank You Very Much, i solved the problem.

  41. m.beltrand says:

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  42. Justwolex says:

    Thanks so much, this helps, I have been doing everything that could help on the computer but getting frustrated.Your instructions is straight forward. Don’t hesitate to give more solutions to other problem people have with their computers. Thanks, God bless.

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    it worked for me my friend

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    thank you so much for giving solution

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  47. Anonymous says:

    Yeay Had this problem FOREVER. Couldn’t even get to firefox website to change. Thanks!

  48. Nilkanthrao says:

    Really very easy method you explained. I followed, but still Google web page is unavailable. Only MSN page can open. Will you help me to solve this problem.

  49. Carl St.clair says:

    Heloped me 100% Thank you

  50. Meyahney Mays says:

    Thank youu soooo much..i tried to get rid of this …i thought it was my firewall. Lol..anyways xoxo

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