Windows Inviolability System

Windows Inviolability System is a computer threat that can penetrate a system without being detected by an anti-virus program. Windows Inviolability System will fall under the category of rogue security application because of its characteristics and ways to deceive users with false information regarding security of the PC. It is usually delivered by a fake security warnings that will be displayed on contracted web sites. There are also instances that Windows Inviolability System virus can be downloaded from file-sharing networks when it pretends to be a legitimate program and mimic others executable files. Fake multimedia web sites are also known to propagate this kind of virus and will disguise itself as a multimedia player required to view online movies. More


Downloader.Pelfpoi is a computer Trojan that will download malicious files on the infected computer. Once user runs the Trojan, it will connect to remote server to download executable file and install on the target computer. It will also verify status of the installation by connecting the compromised PC to a predefined URL. More


Bloodhound.Flash.10 is a generic detection for a potentially harmful files that will take advantage of the Adobe Flash vulnerabilities to be able to carry out attack on compromised computer. File detected as Bloodhound.Flash.10 is deemed dangerous and must be removed immediately from a computer. These threats may be invincible to outdated anti-virus protection so constant update is recommended. More


Trojan.Alworo is a harmful computer Trojan that will modify the Master Boot Record (MBR) of the infected computer to hide its components and make it unusable. Trojan.Alworo will also try to connect to a remote computer to download configuration files. Infected system may also experience excessive display of pop-up advertisements while browsing the Internet. More

Windows Microsoft Guardian

Windows Microsoft Guardian is a potentially unwanted application that will be distributed by means of a fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert. This untrusted alert will contains fake messages about security status of the PC and state that several virus infections and system problems have occurred. It will advise to download and and install a copy of Windows Microsoft Guardian to be able to solve computer problems. When the program is loaded on to the system, it will react immediately to alter system settings particularly the registry. An entry will be added to run Windows Microsoft Guardian virus each time Windows is started. More

Microsoft Security Center 2012

Microsoft Security Center 2012

Microsoft Security Center 2012 is a fake anti-virus application that will disguise as part of the operating system. Also called as Fake MS Security Center 2012, this bogus application will be spread by a Trojan that is capable of hiding itself from installed security application. The Trojan will look for security vulnerabilities and exploited it to penetrate the system. When inside the PC, it will start modifying Internet Browser to redirect and send victims to fake security web sites. The web site was designed to drop and execute a copy of Microsoft Security Center 2012 virus on visitors computer. More


Trojan.Spamship is a Trojan horse that was created specifically to send spam email messages. If executed, Trojan.Spamship will modify system registry and add itself as a system service to run itself automatically when Windows is started. The spam email will have an infected attachment that was identified as Trojan.Swifi that will attempt to exploit certain Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat vulnerability to further infect the computer. More


W32.Rontokbro!gen2 is a detection method to identify threats that are associated to W32.Ronktokbro@mm family of Trojan. Filse that are detected to be infected with W32.Rontokbro!gen2 are considered malicious and immediate cleaning or removal must be performed. This type of Trojan will spread itself on a network of computers and sends itself on the addresses found on the compromised computer. More


Backdoor.Specfix is computer Trojan that will allow a remote attacker to gain access on the contracted computer. A backdoor port will be created by Backdoor.Specfix to manipulate the system and steal information such as IP address, host-name, proxy connection that will be sent to a remote computer. More

Windows Cleaning Tool

Windows Cleaning Tool is a fake anti-virus program specifically created by rogue developers to steal money from innocent victims. Windows Cleaning Tool virus will be distributed by means of unfair marketing method. Web sites are designed to look legitimate and promote Windows Cleaning Tool after performing a virus scan on visitors computer. When installed on the PC, this rogue application will alter system settings and add its entry on the registry. This will give Windows Cleaning Tool virus a place on start-up and automatically provide its local virus scan on the compromised machine. More