About Us

About Us

Our History

Precisesecurity.com is a computer security web site launched in 2005. The site started to serve as a guide in removing computer viruses. Until now, precisesecurity.com is still providing effective virus removal solution to help our visitors solve moderate to complex problems. This web site will give you options that fit your skills. We assist in manual removal instructions for technical users and help beginners to delete threats with a removal tool.

Aside from solving virus issues, we also have an archive of essential guide to fix daily computer problems. The web site has sufficient data that you can use to solve errors you may encounter on daily computing activities.

PreciseSecurity.com was acquired by Precise Security Ltd in 2019 and has since added a wealth of guides on staying safe beyond traditional security attacks. We’re strong proponents of using a VPN to stay anonymous online and have published a wealth of research on world-wide security matters.

Our Objective

Our goal is to promote a free internet and protect user’s digital privacy and security online. This includes freedom from 3rd party data storage, surveillance from big tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Youtube, and freedom from government spy agencies. We also aim to make users aware not just of malicious security threats, but long term threats to internet freedom. We are strong proponents of books such as Permanent Record by Edward Snowden, which help explain some of the internet freedoms that users now suffer.

Communicate with Us

If you would like to communicate with us, please send an email to : contactus@precisesecurity.com

Adam Green- Adam is one of the co-founders of PreciseSecurity.com, having acquired the website in 2019. One of his goals is to help educate users on the matters of cybersecurity and internet freedom. This includes freedom from surveillance and data storage by 3rd partys such as Google and Facebook.

Nica San Juan – Linkedin. I am a BA Political Science degree holder who fell in love with content writing right after college. I specialize in financial technology, cryptocurrency, economics, business and technical writing. I help conduct independant research for products being reviewed on PreciseSecurity.com.

Justin Connor – A tech wiz with a forte in the Android, iOS, Cord-cutting, Cybersecurity and VPN realms.

Alkesh Gupta – Head of tech and security liaison. Alkesh helps keep our website free and safe to use.

Our Free Services

Precisesecurity.com is divided into three sections. The main section caters to virus removal guide as well as news and information on latest computer security threats. Internet safety is also our concern. This is why we try to alert Internet users of potential threats currently spreading over the Internet.

Tools and Resources section offers free information as well. It focuses more on solving your daily computer problems. Additionally, most of the tools and programs we suggest are available on this area. Complete procedures from installation to usage that you cannot found elsewhere are made available on this section.

We open-up a Forum portion for active audience and first time visitor to discuss issues that are relevant to computer security, troubleshooting and virus removal. Feel free to use this part of the web to confer your PC problems. Our technical team, together with supportive visitors is more than willing to provide useful pointers in solving troubles on your computer.

Our Registered Address:

Precise Security Ltd.

Flat 8,

3 Ferdinand Place

London, NW2. 8PE


About Marco Mathew

Marco Mathew works as Windows Network administrator before establishing precisesecurity.com. Now, Marco is dedicating full-time to help computer users' fight viruses, malware, trojan, worms, adware, and potentially unwanted programs.