This web site focuses on daily updates about recent computer threats like viruses, Trojans, rogue programs and spyware. Not only that we provide vital information, we also share effective solutions to remove computer threats in a way that our visitors can get by with manual or automatic process.

Remove Auto PC Speedup (PUP)

Get rid of Auto PC Speedup to stop all the annoyances including excessive pop-up alerts and warning messages. Tools and procedures below are published to help you remove this threat without going through complex method.

Remove Auto PC Care (PUP)

Complete guide to remove Auto PC Care is provided on this article. Also part of the procedures are free utilities to help you get rid of the threat automatically.

Remove Auto PC Cleaner 2019

Information on this page tackles about the danger for having Auto PC Cleaner 2019 on the computer. Removal procedures are also included that is helpful in taking out the rogue program from Windows system.

Remove Search Secure (Searchsecure.co)

On this page is information covering the removal of Search Secure adware from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Execute the guide to stop the homepage from redirecting to searchsecure.co.

Remove Searchsecureprime.co (Chrome and Firefox)

This post describes the Searchsecureprime.co homepage hijacking that affects Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Also provided are simple instructions to stop the annoying takeover of homepage and new tab window.

Remove QuickLogin (Chrome and Firefox)

Remove QuickLogin from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to stop the homepage and browser from redirecting to unwanted web address. Carefully execute the instructions on this page to ensure complete removal of the adware.

Remove Advanced Clean Pro

Complete guide to remove Advanced Clean Pro malware is published on this page. This aims to help users in getting rid of the rogue application using only effective instructions and valid virus and malware removal tools.

Remove Auto System Care

This page contains systematic procedures to get rid of Auto System Care rogue application. Also part of the removal method is trusted virus and malware removal tools that can automate the process of deleting harmful files.

Remove Weknow.start.me (Mac OS)

This article describes the Weknow.start.me hijacker that affects prominent browser applications on Mac computer systems. Provided also are simple instructions to remove the threat and stop the redirects and pop-ups annoyances.