Security Partnerships

Security Partnerships

We’ve recently started working with a PR company to market a new product we’re calling security partnerships. We’ve been developing this for a few months now and working with a few partners, websites like Emergency Dentists USA to enhance the security of their wordpress website. They’ve volunteered to act as a reference for us on this service. You can contact them at their “contact” page on their website at Please allow them a day or two to respond as they are busy managing the site, but they have agreed to give a brief explanation of how our services have benefited them to any potential customers who come asking.

There are tens of easy methods to optimize wordpress using plugins, and manual changes to the code of the site and cpanel to enhance the security of your website. We’re able to provide this sort of service for a very reasonable price. Please reach us via the contact page if you’re interested in a custom service like this.

We’re able to guarantee 100% that your site is not hacked! If it is hacked we’ll fix it for free!

We’ve recently signed up with another online business to help them with their internet security. They are a drone website about aerial drones for photography and for fun, and for all sorts of things. I guess these types of drones can be used for EVERYTHING, but they ran into some trouble with their site getting hacked, so they came to us for help (because I actually know them in real life) I helped them out and they are really solid people.

If you’re looking for a blog with a ton of information about drones this the blog for you It’s great and barely monetized at all, theyre not even trying to sell you much, just one or two amazon affiliate links. But check out all the drone pages with tons of great detailed articles on the drone crazy culture here at

Thanks to our partners and always looking forward to more.

These links to their websites are in no way paid links, we are personal friends with both of the owners of these websites and there’s no law in googles hand book that says you can’t link to your friends website just because you’re friends!!

Thanks again

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