Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser is a free removal tool that was developed primarily to remove adware, malware and rogue security applications that tries to mimic legitimate programs.  It utilizes a more aggressive type of scanner and uses non-traditional anti-virus pattern files and database. Norton Power Eraser is a program to-go-to if any of the installed anti-virus programs are not finding the malware. It will help you detect and remove threats that standard antivirus fails to spot.

Norton Power Eraser

What’s so special with NPE is its ability to roll back changes it has made to your system. Accidentally deleted files can be restored back with ‘Review’ feature. Its ability to remove malware that obstruct execution of antivirus software remains unmatched. If you can’t execute your security program, then run Norton Power Eraser.

Author: Symantec

License: Freeware

Operating System:
MS Windows

How to Use Norton Power Eraser:

1. Get the latest version of Norton Power Eraser from official download page.

2. Save the file to a desired location on your hard drive. If you prefer scanning from an external device, file can be conveniently stored in optical and USB drives.

3. Locate the file NPE.exe. Double-click to run.

4. When it displays End User License Agreement, please read and click Accept button.

NPE License Agreement

5. By default, Norton Power Eraser will perform Rootkit scan, which requires a system restart. We recommend performing this if computer is badly infected with dangerous Trojans and Viruses. There is no need to proceed with this method when removing adware and PUP’s from the computer. To exclude Rootkit scan in the process, please go to Settings and remove check mark on “Include Rootkit Scan“. Click Apply to save the settings.

6. To start scanning the computer, click on Unwanted Application Scan to remove adware and potentially unwanted programs (PUP). Otherwise, use Advanced Scans to eliminate hazardous threats such as Trojans, viruses, and malware.

NPE Scan

7. It will take some time to completely scan the computer. Wait for the scan process to finish.

8. NPE scan results may display items such as Bad or Unknown. Remove all items identified as Bad. Uncheck and carefully review objects with Unknown markings. Click on Remove or Repair only if necessary.

9. Finally, click Fix Now button.

10. When prompted to restart Windows, please do so.

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