Bitcoin Superstar Review: SCAM OR LEGIT?

Cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a decade and gained popularity due to its advanced technology and the public’s disappointment with the current economic global system.

The cryptocurrency market is known as being highly volatile with almost 3000 cryptocurrencies out there. Trading the crypto market requires knowledge and skills so the entrance of crypto automated trading robots was inevitable. These trading robots have been designed to trade the crypto market automatically by using sophisticated trading algorithms.

While some auto trading software attracts a lot of scam operations, other robots are completely accurate and legit. Bitcoin Superstar is considered by many crypto investors as one of the most accurate trading robots in the market.

In this review, we take a look at Bitcoin Superstar and cover its features, reliability, trading platform, sign-up process, deposit and withdrawal, brokers, fees, and more.

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What is Bitcoin Superstar?

Bitcoin Superstar is an automated trading robot developed by Thomas Gottschalk. The robot claims that its software is able to identify possible trades in the markets for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by using a trading algorithm that is ahead 0.01 seconds of the market. The software first analysis the market in order to detect possible trades and then, the robot can place a trade in the market through one of the regulated brokers.

Bitcoin Superstar claims have a high accuracy rate of 99.4%, which is obviously one of the highest success rates in the market. Unlike other financial markets, the cryptocurrency market is open 24/7, every day of the year and as a result, the robot runs 24/7.

Bitcoin Superstar Homepage

A Bitcoin trading robot is a piece of software that was designed to automatically scan the crypto market and execute orders by using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Bitcoin trading robots claim to have a high accuracy rate, which allegedly allows them to generate profits for traders.

How Does Bitcoin Superstar Work?

Bitcoin Superstar is a fully automated trading robot that was designed to scan the crypto market and identify successful trades by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. The software claims to be able to identify trading opportunities by using a trading algorithm that is 0.01 ahead of the market.

Be aware that crypto trading robots connect traders with regulated brokers as these robots are not allowed to collect and hold users’ funds. These regulated brokers make sure your funds are kept in a segregated account and execute orders on their trading platform.

Is Bitcoin Superstar legit?

In the past few years, cryptocurrency scams and scammers have been a part of the crypto space. It is therefore unclear whether you should trust these trading robots that guarantee profits. Certainly, there are robot scams in the crypto market. However, following our investigation and based on multiple user reviews, Bitcoin Superstar appears to be a legit trading robot that operates in transparency.

Bitcoin Superstar ensures that your funds are safe all the time and that your data is secured and kept safe from hackers.

Bitcoin Superstar legit

How Much Can You Make with Bitcoin Superstar?  Bitcoin Superstar Payouts

According to Bitcoin Superstar, the majority of users make a profit of at least $ 1,300 a day. Bitcoin Superstar also reports on its homepage that some users made their first million in just 61 trading days. The robot claims that users need to spend an average of 20 minutes or even less every day as the software does all the work for you. Although we are unable to confirm whether users can make these profits, we have found user reviews online claiming it is possible to earn money through this robot. Another highly profitable trading robot is Bitcoin Billionaire.

Bitcoin Superstar Platform

Unlike other trading robots, Bitcoin Superstar allows you to adjust the trading settings on the robot’s trading platform and monitor the account on the broker’s platform. This allows you to enjoy two trading platforms. The robot offers a great trading dashboard where you can view top trading signals, and adjust the trading settings including the amount per trade, stop-loss per trade, daily stop-loss, daily take-profit, maximum simultaneous trades, and maximum daily trades.

Bitcoin Superstar Platform

As previously mentioned, Bitcoin Superstar channels traders’ funds to high regulated brokers due to regulatory scrutiny. This means that your funds are safe in a segregated account and your capital is leveraged. Another advantage is that Bitcoin Superstars allows you to practice a demo account to get familiar with the platform before you risk real money.

In addition to Bitcoin Superstar’s trading dashboard, users can monitor and track the account via the broker’s trading platform.

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How to Sign Up with Bitcoin Superstar

Opening an account with Bitcoin Superstar can be completed in three easy steps and we’ll walk you through each step. However, as trading robots are not available in every country, and you must be in a jurisdiction where this robot can offer its services, you should first check whether you can trade through Bitcoin Superstar.

Step One: Registration

The first step to start trading with Bitcoin Superstar is to register on its homepage and open an account. When you visit Bitcoin Superstar’s homepage, you need to submit your first name, last name, email address, password, and phone number on the registration form and you will immediately be redirected to a regulated broker in your country.

Bitcoin Superstar Registration

Step two: Deposit Funds

Once you have finished the registration process, you will be redirected to Bitcoin Superstar trading dashboard where you can manage your trading settings and account. Whenever you feel ready to start trading, click on the deposit button and you will be transferred to the broker’s deposit page. Bitcoin Superstar has a minimum deposit requirement of $250.

Bitcoin Superstar Deposit

Step Three: Live Trading

Now you are ready to activate the auto-trading mode and start trading. All you have to do is to configure the trading settings, turn on the auto-trading mode, and you are ready to go. The software will start to scan the market and execute orders. We do recommend that you monitor your trading account on a daily basis.

Bitcoin Superstar trading

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How to Trade with Bitcoin Superstar

One of the advantages of trading with Bitcoin Superstar is that the platform is suitable for beginners and experienced and in fact, anyone can trade with this robot. All that is required from you is to deposit a minimum deposit of $250, set the trading settings according to your risk preferences, choose the assets, and turn on the auto trading mode.

The Bitcoin Superstar software was designed to eliminate human intervention and enhance an algorithm based on technical and fundamental analysis. You are only responsible to adjust the trading settings (although it is not a requirement) that include per trade and daily stop loss, daily take profit, max trades per day, and the maximum amount per trade. Then, you need to turn on the auto trading mode and monitor the account for an average of 20 minutes per day.

How to withdraw funds

Withdrawing funds from Bitcoin Superstar is extremely simple. The withdrawal process can be done in the same way as the deposit process, through the robot’s trading dashboard. You will have to click on the withdrawal button on the robot’s dashboard and then fill in the withdrawal request form on the broker’s platform.

Based on user reviews, there are no hidden charges or fees, and you can withdraw your money any time you want.

Customer Service

As compared to other trading robots available in the market, Bitcoin Superstar offers great customer support. You can contact the support team 24/7 via live chat, email, and phone.  Moreover, once you are being redirected to the broker’s platform, you can also contact the broker’s support team for any questions you may have. based on user feedback, it seems that Bitcoin Superstar’s support team is responsive and knowledgable.

Bitcoin Superstar Testimonials and Customer Feedback

Another factor to consider when choosing a trading robot is user testimonials and customer feedback. We have found many user reviews who claim that Bitcoin Superstar offers a safe trading platform that can generate profits for users. The robot also reveals user testimonials on its website and live trading results which seems to be from real people.

Bitcoin Superstar is a well-reputed trading robot with many positive customer feedbacks that relate to the robot’s software, customer service, and withdrawal process.

Bitcoin Superstar Testimonials

Bitcoin Superstar Brokers

Like any other trading robot in the market such as Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Superstar is not allowed to collect clients’ funds and as a result, the robot funnels traders’ funds to regulated brokers. These brokers are authorized to hold traders’ funds, provide leverage ratio, and execute market orders through their trading platform. We can conclude that Bitcoin Superstar partners with well-reputed regulated brokers that ensure your funds are in safe hands.

Is Bitcoin Superstar Better than other Robots?

There is no middleman in the crypto market, and the competition among trading robots is extremely intense. When comparing automated trading robots, the most important factor is the robot’s reputation among users. Following our review, we can confirm that Bitcoin Superstar has a positive reputation among users.

Furthermore, this robot offers an easy-to-use trading dashboard which is not available on all trading robots. It also claims to have consistent profitability and partnership with regulated brokers.

Bitcoin Superstar and Celebrities

There are a number of rumors across the internet that link various celebrities to automated trading robots including Bitcoin Superstar. Let’s find out to see if any of these rumors are correct.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the co-founder of Tesla Motors, is known as a savvy entrepreneur with a special interest in the crypto market and the blockchain technology. Musk also revealed on his Tweeter account that he only owns 0.25 BTC. Yet, Elon Musk has never confirmed that he has invested in any automated bitcoin robot, including Bitcoin Superstar.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates has an estimated net worth of $106.8 billion and Microsoft co-founder is known as the ‘Strongest Believer of Bitcoin’. Although Gates has expressed his support in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, he has never confirmed to invest in any automated bitcoin robot.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson

In the past few years, affiliate marketers claimed that Richard Branson has invested in crypto trading robots. However, we did not find any evidence confirming that the British investor has made many through trading robots and these rumors are misleading.

So, is Bitcoin Superstar a Scam or is it Legit??

This is the most important question when choosing an automated trading robot. The answer is yes, Bitcoin Superstar appears to be a legit trading robot. Users claim that it is possible to make a profit with this software and we did not find any genuine user feedback that contradicts this opinion. This software claims to be able to analyze the crypto market and automatically place orders in the market, which has been confirmed by many user testimonials.


Is Bitcoin Superstar a scam robot?

No. Following our investigation, Bitcoin Superstar appears to be a legit trading robot.

What is the minimum deposit requirement with Bitcoin Superstar?

The minimum deposit required to start trading with Bitcoin Superstar is $250.

Does Bitcoin Superstar offer a mobile app?

Bitcoin Superstar does not provide a mobile application for its trading dashboard. However, regulated brokers usually provide a mobile application and the trading platform works on both iOS and Android smartphones.

How much profit can I make with Bitcoin Superstar?

According to Bitcoin Superstar, members can make a profit of at least $ 1,300 a day per.

Does Bitcoin Superstar offer a demo account?

Yes. Unlike other trading robots, Bitcoin Superstar offers a demonstration account.

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