75 Percent of German Companies Affected by IT Security Incidents in 2019

IT security incidents in German companies

German companies are plagued with an increasing number of cyber-attacks and IT security incidents. According to research, 75 percent of them have been affected by some sort of IT security incidents in 2019, causing total damage of €102.9 billion this year.

The Growing Trend of IT Security Incidents

The statistics show a significant increase in the number of IT security Incidents among German companies during the last two years. Back in 2015, 51 percent of companies were affected by IT security incidents. Two years later, in 2017, the number of afflicted firms modestly increased to 53 percent. The 2019 survey indicates a significant increase, with 75 percent of companies claiming to be affected by IT security incidents.

One Third of Companies Report Theft of IT or Communication Devices

During 2019, 32 percent of German companies became victims of theft of IT or communication devices, making it the most ordinary type of IT security incident. Another 16 percent of them were likely affected by such theft. Analog social engineering was the second most common IT security incident in the German market, with 30 percent of companies reporting this problem.

Digital Attacks Caused Total Damage of €205.7 Billion in Two Years

The 2019 statistics show that digital attacks caused damage to seven out of ten German companies. Most of them or 25 percent, to be precise, were exposed to password attacks. Another 23 percent of companies reported malware infection. Phishing took third place on the list, with 23 percent of German companies reporting this type of digital attack. Compared to 2017 facts, all types of digital attacks marked an increase, except the malware infection.

Nevertheless, data thieves were primarily interested in communication and financial data. Almost 50 percent of businesses reported communication data stealing in 2019, while 26 percent of them have become victims of financial data theft. Digital attacks and IT security incidents in German companies have caused total damage of €205.7 billion within the last two years.


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