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Programs and Tools

Q: What are the charges for your programs and removal tools?

A: Our goal is to provide visitors with free resources that include solutions, programs and tools. The only software we cannot provide free is full versions of our recommended program. Full versions of anti-virus and anti-malware provide real-time scanning and protection. Tools and programs we are recommending are sufficient to remove computer viruses free of charge.

Q: Do you also sell licensed programs?

A: As of now, programs currently being sold on this web site are Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SuperAntiSpyware. So, please do not claim that rogue programs are bought from us and ask for a refund. Rogue program developers have their own payment-processor which is restricted only for their own use.

Q: Is it safe to buy programs on web site?

You can buy programs with full confidence from this web site. When you purchased a product, we will redirect your browser to software manufacturer's payment processor, which are VeriSign Trusted and SSL Secured.

Q: Can you provide help and support for acquired legal software?

A: Yes. We will do our best to assist you concerning software bought from this web site, i.e. refund, technical issues, installation problems, lost key and other similar problems.

Rogue Programs and

Q: Why do you have rogue programs and virus articles?

A: is devoted to providing our visitors with latest information on rogue programs and other computer threats. However, this does not mean that we are endorsing rogue software. In fact, as you may notice, included in every article is our own way of helping visitors to remove threats.

Q: How safe is

To provide safety satisfaction for our visitors, everyone can always check our web site's "Safe Browsing" Diagnostic page from Google. This will serve complete information whether web site is listed as malicious or if Google cite harmful content during its regular visit. Unlike any other community-based web site rating, Google Safe Browsing results cannot be manipulated and devalue by irresponsible members and malware authors.

Q: When I search for rogue software, I ended up on

A: When you searched the Internet for the name of malware, search engine might show our URL in the result because we have article that is relevant to your query. However, having this article on our web site does not mean that we are endorsing or selling the program. Read the whole article first before concluding that we are associated to the fake anti-virus.

Q: I accidentally bought fake software. Can I refund it here?

A: You cannot apply for a refund on this site. We do not sell rogue security programs. It is clearly stated in the "Disclaimer" section of every fake anti-virus software articles that is not in any way connected with the product. You may apply for a refund on the site where you purchased the software. Contacting your credit card issuer may also help to get your money back.

Q: Should I dispute the online purchase to my credit card company or bank? How can I do that?

A: We encourage you to dispute the online transaction made to acquire Windows Personal Doctor. You have been a victim of an online fraud with widely lucrative operation. Immediately file a complaint to your credit card issuer and get a charge back. Read this article for some guidelines.