Immediate Edge Review: SCAM OR LEGIT?

Trading robots have become a popular tool in the cryptocurrency market, allowing anyone for fast and easy access to take advantage of crypto trading. One of these robots is the Immediate Edge app which is an automated trading robot powered by advanced trading algorithms. The bot claims to use artificial intelligence and top-notch algorithms to identify successful trading opportunities and generate profits for its users.

However, is it too good to be true? In this review, we will deeply investigate the Immediate Edge application. If you are interested in investing with Immediate Edge, you are at the right place.

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What is Immediate Edge?

Founded in 2017 by Edwin James, Immediate Edge is an automated trading robot that claims to help traders generate profits in the cryptocurrency market by using artificial intelligence and advanced trading algorithms. The bot claims it can generate between $950-$2200 in just one day. Though we cannot confirm that, we have found many testimonials and user feedback claiming that this robot is highly accurate and profitable.Immediate Edge Homepage

A Bitcoin robot is an automated trading program that was designed to take decisions on behalf of the trader and executes market orders. Bitcoin robots claim to have a higher accuracy rate than humans and to be able to generate consistent profits in any market conditions.

How Does Immediate Edge Work?

As previously mentioned, Immediate Edge is an automated trading software that automatically places orders in the crypto market. Therefore, the platform can be used by beginners as well as professional traders and there is no previous experience required. In fact, all you have to do to start trading with Immediate Edge is to complete the sign-up process, deposit funds and set up your automated trading preferences.

Similarly to any other trading robot, the Immediate Edge app cannot accept deposits as it’s a non-financial firm and consequently the trading robot connects traders with high regulated brokers. These brokers provide a leverage ratio and funds’ protection policy.

Is Immediate Edge legit?

From our investigation and review of online user feedbacks, the Immediate Edge app appears to be a legit and trustworthy application. The robot maintains proper security practices by using the blockchain technology, SSL Trust, and some of the most industry-leading security technologies. Furthermore, Immediate Edge integrates with some of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges including but not limited to Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex and more. It is similar to the well-known and popular Bitcoin Era software, which is also legit.

Immediate Edge Legit

How Much Can You Make with Immediate Edge?  Immediate Edge Payouts

According to the Immediate Edge official website, traders can earn between $950 to $2200 per day, however, the profits are dependable on the initial amount of investment. Regardless, the bot claims to have an algorithm with an accuracy rate of 88% and a daily profit of up to 50%. Some user testimonials report that with an initial investment of $250, they were to generate profits of $200 per day.

Immediate Edge Platform

Immediate Edge has a great trading platform that works well for beginners and professional traders. Remember, you do not need a previous trading experience in order to start trading with this bot. The Immediate Edge app trading dashboard is simple to use and provides all the necessary tools to utilize your trading account.

Immediate Edge Platform

Whenever you are ready to start trading, you can log in to the broker’s trading platform where you can activate the automated trading mode and use real-time quotes and the charting package.

Immediate Edge broker platform

How to Sign Up with Immediate Edge

The sign-up and registration process with Immediate Edge is simple and straightforward. However, we must inform you that it is not available in all countries and you first check here to confirm it is available in your country. Here are the steps you should follow in order to open a trading account with Immediate Edge:

Step One: Registration

The first step you should take is to visit the Immediate Edge website and sign up for a free account. You have to submit your email address, full name, password, and phone number.


After you complete the registration process, the Immediate app redirects you to the trading dashboard where you can track your trading account, set your trading preferences and deposit and withdraw funds. Once you are logged in to the trading dashboard, you must submit necessary documentation that verifies your identity. Those include Proof of Identity, Proof of Payment, Proof of Residency, and Declaration of Deposits.

Step two: Deposit Funds Immediate Edge Deposit

Once you are ready to fund your account, you can click the deposit button on the trading dashboard’s menu and deposit funds to your account. The minimum deposit requirement is $250 which can be deposited in EUR/USD/GBP. Immediate Edge app accepts deposits through Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro.


Step Three: Live Trading

It is worth noting that Immediate Edge connects you to a licensed broker depending on your region. Whenever you are ready to start trading, click the Trade button on the trading dashboard and you will be redirected to the broker’s trading platform.

Even though the software is automated, you still have to adjust the trading settings and track your account balance on a daily basis. You can set a daily stop loss, the number of daily trades, expected daily profit, and the cryptocurrencies you want the software to trade on.

Trading with Immediate Edge is easy and the bot can be used by anyone. The Immediate Edge algorithm automatically places orders in the market without any human intervention and therefore allows you to simply adjust the trading settings and track your account. Yet, you should not invest a large amount of capital before you practice the platform.

The Immediate Edge app allows traders to trade in automatic mode. Before you activate the automatic mode, set your trading preferences including stop-loss, number of trades per day, the maximum amount per day, and the cryptocurrencies you wish to trade on. The bot suggests running the software’s automatic mode for at least 8 hours per day.

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How to withdraw funds

Similarly to the deposit process, you can withdraw your funds through the Immediate Edge’s trading dashboard. Simply click on the Withdraw button on the left side menu and you can withdraw your fund anytime. The withdrawal process time varies depending on the broker’s withdrawal policy.

Customer Service

One of the advantages of Immediate Edge compared to other trading robots is their excellent customer support. Immediate Edge support is available 24/7 through phone, request a callback, email, and live chat.

You should also note that you can use the cryptocurrency guidance for beginners and advanced traders by the Immediate Edge app.

Immediate Edge Testimonials and Customer Feedback

Immediate Edge claims to have an accuracy rate of 88%, which means they can win almost 9 out of 10 trades. Though we cannot confirm this outstanding win rate, user reviews suggest that there is a high likelihood that this robot allegedly has a profitable algorithm.

During our review, we have found many user testimonials that claim it is possible to earn a decent profit with this robot. You can find many associations about Immediate Edge app scam, however, the bot appears to be legit and report that the robot can actually generate high profits.

Immediate Edge user feedbacks

Immediate Edge Brokers

Trading robots are not allowed to accept clients’ deposits and therefore must channel funds through robot brokers. Most brokers are highly regulated which means you do not have to worry about your funds and all your trades are being executed on the broker’s trading platform. From our Immediate Edge review, it seems that the robot links its clients to reliable and regulated robot brokers.

Is Immediate Edge Better than other Robots?

There’s no doubt that this trading robot has some major advantages over its competitors. Immediate Edge app integrates with some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges including Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, and some of the most reliable robots brokers in the industry. Furthermore, the bot claims to use an artificial intelligence algorithm that can crack the markets with an accuracy rate of 88%.

Immediate Edge and Celebrities

The Immediate Edge app was often rumored online to have been endorsed by celebrities. Let’s take a look to see if any of these rumors are true.

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby

The English television presenter, model, and author that was associated with Immediate Edge, however, these rumors are not true and misleading. Willoughby, in fact, has never invested in automated trading software including the Immediate Edge app.

Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo 

Christiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular football players in the world with an estimated net worth of $460 million. The Portuguese football player was linked to Immediate Edge, however, he has never claimed to invest in this robot.

Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson is another celebrity said to endorse Immediate Edge app, however, we did not find any evidence that the Scottish former football manager has invested in any automated bitcoin robots.

So, is Immediate Edge a Scam or is it Legit?

Following our review, we can confirm that the Immediate Edge trading robot appears to be completely legit and we do not find Immediate Edge to be a scam. From our investigation, we have found many users who claimed that this platform is highly accurate and the Immediate Edge team protects its users in all aspects of their operation.

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Is Immediate Edge a scam or legit?

Following our review, Immediate Edge appears as a very legit trading robot. It is highly transparent and offers an excellent customer service.

How much do I need to invest to start trading with Immediate Edge?

You’ll need at least $250 to start trading with this robot.

Can I lose money?

Yes. Like any other investment, automated trading robots carry a certain amount of risk so you should start trading with a relatively small amount of capital.

How much can I make with Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge reports on their website that traders can expect a profit between $950 to $2200 per day. The bot also claims to have a daily profit of up to 50% on your account balance.

Can I withdraw earnings from Immediate Edge?

Yes you can. Immediate Edge allows you to withdraw funds whenever you want. You’ll have to fill in the withdrawal request form and you receive the money within 1-3 days.

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