Bitcoin Storm Review: SCAM OR LEGIT?

Since the crypto-mania bubble burst in 2017, many trading robots have been developed with different trading algorithms and strategies. These trading robots have been designed to trade automatically without human intervention. While some have been accused of not being genuine, others succeded to gain users’ trust.

One of the automated trading robots that caught traders’ attention is Bitcoin Storm, which is a fully automated trading software with a claimed accuracy rate of 99.4%.

In this review, we will cover all you need to know about Bitcoin Storm including its credibility, trading platform, fees, payouts, and more.

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What is Bitcoin Storm?

Bitcoin Storm is a crypto trading bot powered by advanced and sophisticated trading algorithms. The bot claims to be able to help traders generate profits speculating on cryptocurrencies prices using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.

The trading robot allegedly conducts market research and scan the markets in a millisecond faster than its competitors. Consequently, the bot is able to identify trading opportunities and automatically place orders in the market through a regulated broker’s trading platform.

Bitcoin Storm claims to have an accuracy rate of 99.4%, which obviously overcomes humans trading capabilities. Although we cannot guarantee Bitcoin Storm’s accuracy rate, during our review we have found many users who claim that this robot has made them high profits.

Bitcoin Storm Homepage

A Bitcoin trading robot is a piece of software that was designed to automatically scan the crypto market and place orders in the market. Crypto trading robots claim to have a high accuracy rate without any human intervention.

How Does Bitcoin Storm Work?

Bitcoin Strom was developed by trading experts and top-notch programmers in order to remove human intervention and apply fully automatic trading software. As a result, the platform can be used by anyone and its an ideal solution for both beginners and professional traders.

Due to regulatory issues, trading robots are not allowed to accept and hold clients’ funds and therefore Bitcoin Storm funnels its traders to highly regulated brokers. These brokers ensure that your funds are safe, provide leverage ratio, and an advanced trading platform. The leverage ratio allows you to trade with a small amount so you should not risk capital you cannot afford to lose. The minimum deposit required to start trading with Bitcoin Storm is 250 USD.

Once you start trading with Bitcoin Storm, the bot scans the market and execute market orders through the broker’s trading platform based on a sophisticated trading algorithm.  According to Bitcoin Storm, trading with the bot requires an average of 20 minutes a day to maximize profits and there are no hidden fees when trading with the bot.

Is Bitcoin Storm legit?

It’s not a secret that there are many scams in the crypto market that offer worthless services. Some trading robots haven’t proven to be reliable, however, we have found users online claiming that Bitcoin Storm is a legit platform and that they were able to profit through this bot.

From our investigation and based on user feedback, Bitcoin Storm appears to be legit. The robot is transparent and it seems that the information presented on the website is genuine. Bitcoin Storm also maintains security measures and efforts to protect clients’ funds. Those include website SSL security, users’ data encryption and partnership with regulated and well-known brokers.

Bitcoin Storm legit

How Much Can You Make with Bitcoin Storm?  Bitcoin Storm Payouts

According to Bitcoin Storm, some of its members have managed to gain a profit of $1100 per day. Though we were unable to confirm Bitcoin Strom’s trading results, we found user testimonials that claim it is accurate. Bitcoin Storm also claims that some of its members earned their first million within 61 trading days, however, that is dependable on the initial amount of investment.

Bitcoin Storm Platform

As we mentioned previously, Bitcoin Storm cannot accept deposits and therefore channels you to a regulated broker in your region. As you can see, Bitcoin Storm offers a great trading dashboard where you can control and monitor your trading settings, deposit and withdraw funds and activate the auto trading mode.

The robot’s trading dashboard has an intuitive user interface and a detailed FAQ section to help traders start trading.

Bitcoin Storm Trading Dashboard

Bitcoin Storm’s trading dashboard can be used to manage your trading account, however, in order to start trading and view the live market, you must connect to the broker’s trading platform.

Bitcoin Storm Platform

How to Sign Up with Bitcoin Storm

Opening an account with Bitcoin Strom is straightforward and can be completed in a few minutes. We must notify you that bitcoin trading robots, including Bitcoin Storm, are not available in all countries so you will have to check whether you can trade with this bot in your country.

Step One: Registration

The first thing you should do is visit Bitcoin Storm’s homepage and fill in the sign-up form. Simply submit your personal details including first and last name, your email address, password, your phone number and click the ‘Get Started Now’ button.

Bitcoin Strom Registration

After you have completed the signup process, Bitcoin Storm connects you with a regulated broker in your country.

Step two: Deposit Funds

Whenever you feel ready to start trading, you can deposit funds to your account through the broker’s platform. Simply click on the deposit button on the broker’s platform and transfer funds to your account. Remember that the minimum deposit requirement is 250 USD.

Bitcoin Storm Deposit

Step Three: Live Trading

Once you’ve got the funds in your account, you are ready to start trading. Bitcoin Storm offers a great FAQ section that helps traders to get familiar with the platform.

Bitcoin Storm has pre-set trading strategies that include Classic (permanent invest value)’ and ‘Martingale’ (it doubles the next order value in the event of a loss). It is advisable to set your preferred strategy and then turn on the auto-trading mode.

Based on user reviews and the information on Bitcoin Storm’s website, trading with this bot is super easy. In fact, anyone can start trading with this bot and there are no special skills required. Once you finish the registration process and transfer funds to your account, you should simply set your trading settings and turn on the auto trading mode – That is all required from you. Bitcoin Storm allegedly does all the work for you although you must track your trading account and identify the most profitable settings.

Before you start the live trading mode, you will have to set your trading settings including the trading strategy, the number of trades per day, a stop loss limit order, and the maximum amount you want to trade on per day.

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How to withdraw funds

Withdrawing funds from Bitcoin Storm is a simple and fast process. You should simply click the ‘Withdraw’ button in the ‘Account’ panel of the ‘Autotrading’, ‘Broker’ or ‘Settings’. Then, follow the steps according to the broker’s withdrawal policy.

You should note that every broker has different withdrawal terms and conditions policy so you need to check the withdrawal procedure with the robot broker. The procedure is similar to many legit robots such as Immediate Edge. Read our Immediate Edge review to discover a similar robot to Bitcoin Storm.

Customer Service

The customer support is available on Bitcoin Storm’s trading dashboard as well as the robot broker’s trading platform. Do not forget that the crypto market is open 24/7, every day of the year so you can contact the support team anytime you like via phone, email, and live chat. We also recommend that you use the FAQ section on Bitcoin Storm’s trading dashboard before you start trading as it provides detailed instructions on how to get the best of your trading.

Bitcoin Storm Testimonials and Customer Feedback

We have concluded our investigation based on user reviews and customer feedback. This robot has excellent feedback that verifies the robot’s reliability.

During our review, we have found many user feedback who claim that Bitcoin Storm has a successful trading algorithm and customer service. The robot also reveals the results of users which seems to be from real people.

Bitcoin Storm Testimonials and Customer Feedback

Bitcoin Storm Brokers

As previously mentioned, automated trading robots are not allowed to accept and hold clients’ funds. As a result, Bitcoin Storm connects its traders with regulated brokers that hold traders’ funds in segregated accounts, provide a substantial list of products and offer a leverage ratio that allows traders to risk a small initial investment. Unlike other automated trading bots, we can verify that Bitcoin Storm channels its clients with top-notch high regulated brokers.

Is Bitcoin Storm Better than other Robots?

Bitcoin Storm has many positive reviews and feedback across the web, which is one of the main factors when choosing a trading robot. This bot has a claimed accuracy rate of 99.4%, an advanced trading algorithm, and a great trading dashboard interface compared to competitors in the industry.

Furthermore, unlike other scam trading bots in the market, Bitcoin Strom appears to be legit and provides security measures for users.

Bitcoin Storm and Celebrities

Some celebrities have been rumored to invest in bitcoin automated trading software including bitcoinup and Bitcoin Strom. However, some of these rumors are not accurate and we will take a look to see if any of these rumors are correct.

Bitcoin Storm Richard Branson
Richard Branson

Richard Branson is one of the wealthiest people in the world with an estimated net worth of $4.1 billion. Although Branson has expressed his enthusiasm for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, he has made a public statement that he has not invested in any automated bitcoin trading robot.

Bitcoin Storm Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis is an English journalist and TV presenter who has also been rumored to invest in Bitcoin Storm, however, these rumors are not correct and in fact, he has never approved investing in this trading robot.

Bitcoin Storm Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is another celebrity who has been associated with bitcoin trading robots. The famous British chef was rumored to invest in these applications including Bitcoin Storm, however, these rumors turned out to be false.

So, is Bitcoin Storm a Scam or is it Legit?

Bitcoin Storm appears to be legit and based on user reviews the robot has an advanced trading algorithm that actually works. Although this robot is fairly new, we found nearly no negative feedback regarding its services and results. Following our in-depth investigation of Bitcoin Strom, we can confirm that Bitcoin Storm is not a scam trading robot.

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Is Bitcoin Storm legit?

Yes. Unlike other trading robots, Bitcoin Storms appears to be legit trading robot. It would be best to start trading with amount and add more capital when your account grows.

What is the minimum deposit requirement?

Bitcoin Storm requires an initial minimum deposit of $250.

How much do I need to spend every day to trade with Bitcoin Storm?

Bitcoin Storm claims that users need to spend an average of 20 minutes per day to monitor the account and if necessary adjust the trading settings.

How much can I earn with with Bitcoin Storm?

Bitcoin Storm claims you can earn a daily profit of $1100 if the software is used correctly. User testimonials confirm that it is possible to earn money with this robot.

Does Bitcoin Storm charge fees to withdraw funds?

No. We can confirm that Bitcoin Storm does not charge any withdrawal and deposit fees.

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