Top 5 Best Android Keylogger Apps in 2019

Are you interested in spying on the Android device of your loved ones? A keylogger for Android will help you find out all the buttons that are being pressed on the device you are targeting, whether it is an on-screen keyboard or not. It will go as far as help you hack their accounts by getting all the passwords for you.

A keylogger for Android is a reliable app that can help you get all the credentials for accounts created on different social media platforms from someone’s phone.

The spying industry is known for so much scam and so many people do not trust spy apps. However, there are reliable spy and phone tracking apps for your Android device that have a proven track record of meeting the expectations of their users. As you read through this article, you will find the top 5 best keyloggers for Android that you can choose from.

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    Pros and Cons of Having Keyloggers for Android


    • Investigation – In legal battles, you can always rely on the use of a keylogger for Android applications. This is because some criminal cases involve exchanged media that have been deleted from the device. Many times, these deleted media are the keys to a successful investigation, hence the need for keylogging apps.
    • Protection of confidential information – All businesses have secrets that help them succeed than others. These secrets are to be kept within the four walls of the firm, but some employees cannot be trusted as they are capable of selling such secrets to competitors. Keylogger for Android will help you keep track of such employees to know if they are trustworthy or not.
    • No rooting – Not all keylogging apps require rooting before they can work on your Android device. Thus, there will be no need to get your hands on your target device.
    • Beyond social media spying – A keylogger for Android can go beyond spying on the activities done on the web browsers of your target device or social media platforms to monitor calls logs, text messages and even contacts details that are on the target device.
    • Monitors every keystroke made – The best thing about the keylogging app is the sole reason for its invention, which is to track every keystroke made on the target device. In this way, you can record every activity done on your target device.
    • Safety concerns – Knowing what your children are up to online is a really good move for any parent. Keylogging apps can help you know what they do on their web browsers. These apps can also help you know if they are being bullied or groomed by sex offenders online. And you can always watch their back when they go to a hostile environment.
    • Retrieval of deleted messages – Keylogger for Android allows you to retrieve messages that have been deleted by your employees or kids. While investigating criminal cases, you can retrieve messages that have been deleted to have a clearer picture of the case.
    • Recording surrounding voices – Any target device that you are spying on can have its microphone and camera activated to capture the surrounding voices around it. This is done by the user of a keylogger for Android.


    • Privacy concerns – You may feel unsafe having someone spy on everything you do with your target device. Little wonder, most keylogging apps are hidden after installation and its operation is unknown to the user of the target device. Sensitive information like credit card details, bank account passwords and credentials about the owner of the target device can become accessible to the wrong hands.
    • Stored information on keylogging service provider – The developer of any keylogging app store information recorded by its app on its servers. This makes the developer powerful as such information can be used for other things related to spying.

    The Best Keyloggers for Android

    1. mSpy – Best keylogger for beginners

    Free Version: Yes (a 7-day trial period)

    Basic Plan: $26.99 monthly

    mSpy is a top-ranking keylogger for Android that you should check out. It comes with a lot of user-friendly features and is compatible with both iOS and Android OS. It collects data from your target device and transports them to your dashboard online.

    It gathers various kinds of data like call logs, text messages, web history and contact details of your target device. Having two main packages, the premium plan is robust than its basic plan. Its GPS tracking is accurate as it shows you the map to your target device.

    mSpy offers services like viewing and retrieving of deleted messages, monitoring of calls and many more keylogging features. You can go beyond seeing the history of your web browsers to blocking the use of your target device from visiting a particular page.

    It can help you keep an eye on your employees and loved ones. You will know the pages they have bookmarked and the websites they frequently visit. Even if you don’t plan to get their details, you can just play the supervisory role of monitoring.


    • Monitors text messages, web history and calls
    • Geo-fencing features
    • User-friendly interface
    • 100% stealth mode
    • 24/7 technical support
    • Tracks the GPS location of the target device


    • Rooting needed

    2. Cocospy – Has 30 features you can use

    Basic version: Yes

    Premium version: $9.99 monthly

    Family version: $16.66 monthly

    Cocospy is a high ranking keylogger for Android that you can get in the world today. Unlike other apps, it is a keylogging app wherein you will get all its advertised features fulfilled when you subscribe. It offers cellphone monitoring of all activities on the Android device you are targeting.

    Over the years, customers have been satisfied by Cocospy which has an average rating of 96%. It is more than a basic keylogging app because it has more than 30 features that can help you monitor your target device.

    Cocospy has a beautiful user interface that helps you have a better experience of a keylogging app. It tracks SMS, location, social media apps and it bypasses the security of the target device whether it is rooted or not.

    It has a 24/7/365 technical support in various languages and its installation is fast because it has a small size that makes it invisible to the owner of the target device. Cocospy has its customer base in more than 190 countries and is trusted by millions of users all over the world.

    It will surprise you that Cocospy is celebrated as an Android keylogger app by media institutions like Forbes, CNET, Washington Post and New York Times.  You have access to a free demo so that you can know how the interface looks before subscribing to it.


    • 100% stealth mode
    • Invisible Android keylogger
    • Social media spying
    • GPS tracking
    • Keylogging
    • No technical jargon involved


    • Needs physical access to the target device once
    • The basic version has limited keylogging features

    3. Spyic – Device rooting is not needed

    Free Version: No

    Basic plan: $39.99 monthly per device

    Premium plan: $49.99 monthly per device

    Family plan: $69.99 monthly per device

    Spyic is one of the best keylogger apps that exist for the Android OS. It is very powerful and easy to use for people who haven’t tried keyloggers and spy apps before. You can know every single character typed on your target device and also capture the tapped keys.

    This keylogging app fulfills your needs by reading deleted messaged, extracting passwords from social accounts, getting passwords for email accounts and reading saved notes on the device. All these will be enjoyed without rooting the device.

    It operates in 100% stealth mode because it remains invisible and runs discreetly in the background of your device. You can use Spyic to get the details of the most frequently contacted person by the user of the target device.

    You can go as far as knowing the call duration, the timestamp, the profile photo of the person and all types of personal messages connected to the contact. Spyic also offers accurate GPS tracking in real-time.

    To get geofence notifications, you will have to set a virtual boundary. Additionally, you can view videos and photos that are stored in the phone, even the ones shared on the social media apps.


    • Quick and easy installation
    • No rooting required
    • Consumes less memory
    • Does not drain the battery
    • Works discreetly in the target device
    • User-friendly interface


    • Not compatible with Android version less than 4.0
    • No free plan

    4. Spyzie – Top-rated keylogger for Android

    Ultimate Edition: $39.99 monthly, $49.99 for 3 months and $99.99 annually

    Spyzie is also a top-rated keylogger for Android. From customer’s feedbacks and reviews, it is a very interesting app to use for your keylogging needs. Aside from being affordable, Spyzie is very easy to install into someone’s Android device.

    You will not need to jailbreak or hack into the target device before you can use it. You can use Spyzie to track the messages that the user of your target device is writing at any time. Beyond that, it can also monitor the call logs to know who the person contacts frequently.

    Spyzie works based on GPS data to make you have the accurate location that the target device is at any time. You can review media files like photos saved on the phone and those saved or viewed on the web browsers.

    To install the Spyzie keylogger for Android, you must follow the instructions given.  You have to select the right operating system when doing this. You can select a security option to allow installations from outside Google Play Store. Upon installation, the application disappears on the target device and you can log in to Spyzie on your phone to start spying.


    • No rooting required
    • Easy to use control panel interface
    • Works fast in the background
    • Hidden after installation


    • Does not work in Android version less than 4.0

    5. Hoverwatch – Has a reliable GPS tracker

    Free Plan: No

    Premium Version: $24.95 per month ($9/ month for annual subscription)

    Hoverwatch is one of the best keylogging apps you can get in the market today. It is robust and convenient to use while offering great features at an affordable price. It offers a free version that does the basic things you need but still limited compared to its premium plan.

    It accesses the information of the social media accounts on the target device and monitoring can be done remotely without seeing the device. It offers a free demo to help you know how the interface looks like before subscribing to its plans.

    Hoverwatch offers the call recording feature that can help you secretly record calls and listen to them via your online control panel. You have to activate the invisible mode while installing the application, but you can always access the app on your target device via your secret pin.

    You do not have to root any device before you can spy on it. Hoverwatch has a GPS tracker that gives reliable information about the location of your target device and sometimes does not make use of the GPS to achieve that.


    • 100% stealth mode
    • Has a reasonable price
    • Has great functionality
    • No rooting required
    • Has a free plan


    • The target device must be physically present.


    Keylogging apps are a great tool if used for the right purpose. You can watch your back and keep tabs on your kids and employees by getting all the info stored in their mobile devices. You can choose from the top 5 best keyloggers for Android mentioned above to achieve your aim.


    Are keylogging apps invisible to all antivirus software?

    The best antivirus software can see keylogger apps as a threat. However, there are some cases wherein a user can’t detect a keylogger even if the antivirus software is enabled.

    Is there a difference between keylogger for Android and spy software?

    There is no difference between them because they technically do the same thing.

    Do keylogging apps support all kinds of operating systems?

    No, not all keylogging apps support old operating systems. Some like Spyzie support Android versions from 4.0 and above.

    Are all keylogging apps spyware?

    They are considered as PUP (potentially unwanted programs). This is why your antivirus software might be able to detect them.

    Can I install the keylogger for Android remotely?

    Most of the time, you have to get access to the target Android device at least once to successfully spy on it. However, there are keyloggers that can let you spy on your target device without directly installing anything.

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