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Data Loss Prevention Market to Double to $2.28b in the Next 4 Years

According to recent data collected by, the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) market is expected to grow by 83% in the coming four years. This is because governments and companies are worried about the effect hackers are having on the industry and how individuals and firms are every time more exposed to data loss. (more…)

SatoshiLabs CEO: The Future of Cryptocurrency Security will be Open Source

Marek Palatinus (or Slush), the CEO of SatoshiLabs

SatoshiLabs, the company behind Trezor, the first cryptocurrency hardware wallet in the market, is improving its services and facing many challenges in the cryptocurrency industry.

In a recent exclusive interview with, Marek Palatinus (or Slush), the CEO of SatoshiLabs, talked about how the company is working to improve Trezor’s solutions and security. (more…)