Best Facebook Spy Apps for 2020

Are you concerned about what your loved ones do on their Facebook accounts? With a Facebook spy app, you can know who they are chatting with and the content of their chat, instead of giving yourself sleepless nights.

Facebook is a secure application that has experienced a lot of hacks in past years. Such situation made it modify its privacy terms and increase its security. None-the less, a Facebook spy and tracking app can help you know what your kids and employees are up to online. It is easy to get a Facebook spy and tracking app in this age but it comes with specific prerequisites.

These prerequisites are the requirements that specific spy apps need to run smoothly on your device. Some of them require that you root your Android phone or jailbreak your iOS device. At the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to choose the best Facebook spy and tracking app that is suitable for you.

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    Pros and Cons of Having Facebook Spy Apps


    • Retrieve messages – Since you are not a professional hacker, you can use the Facebook spy and tracking app to retrieve deleted messages from the device of your spouse or kids.
    • Record surrounding voices – It will surprise you to know that you can use the Facebook spy app to get the voices around your target device recorded, no matter where it is.
    • No rooting – Not all Facebook spy and tracking apps will require you to root them before you can spy on them. So you do not have to worry about how to steal the target device temporarily just to install the app on your target device.
    • Remote monitoring – You can be sure that even if you go into a hostile environment, you will be safe. You can achieve this by having someone watch your back. The target device does not have to be at the same location as you before you can spy on them. You can spy on the data of the device from afar.
    • Cheap pricing plans – One of the things that make people lose interest in getting an application is the pricing plan. For Facebook spy and tracking apps, you can get some of them for free while others are paid for at an affordable rate. You can always subscribe for monthly, quarterly or yearly plans.
    • Investigation – Criminal cases can be investigated using the Facebook spy and tracking app. In situations where media was exchanged through Facebook or other social media platforms, you can use the app to get back messages that have been wiped off from the device. Many times, such messages are the keys to your investigation to be successful.


    • Privacy – The main issue with the Facebook spy and tracking app is that it makes cybersecurity a concern for all. Your device might be the target of another person. Organizations might have to increase their security measures to avoid security breaches.

    The Best Facebook Spy Apps

    1. mSpy – Reflects collected data on your account dashboard

    Free Version: Yes (7-day trial period)

    Basic Plan: $26.99 per month

    mSpy is one of the best Facebook spy and tracking apps that you should check out. It is compatible with both the Android OS and iOS. It also has great functionalities and comes with a lot of handy features.

    This Facebook spy and tracking app collects the data of your target device and reflects them on your dashboard so that you can spy successfully. Both quantitative and qualitative data can be gathered using this application ranging from text messages to call logs and contact details on your target device.

    mSpy runs mainly on two packages which are the basic and premium plans. As usual, the premium plan is more robust than the basic package. The basic package has some features missing that are present in the premium package.

    GPS tracking, viewing and retrieving of deleted messages and monitoring of calls can be done using the mSpy application. This Facebook spy and tracking app shows you the map that leads to your target device for a limited time.

    The framework of the mSpy app makes it possible for you to monitor and block websites. This way, you can keep your employees on their toes as well as know who your loved one is spending time with online. You will know the websites they frequently visit and pages they have bookmarked.


    • 24/7 customer support
    • Hidden when installing
    • Tracks the GPS location of the target device
    • Easy to use interface
    • Geo-fencing features
    • Monitors web history, text messages, calls and other types of data


    • Rooting needed if the target device has the Android OS

    2. Spyic – Has keylogger feature

    Free Version: No

    Basic plan: $39.99 per device / month

    Premium plan: $49.99 per device / month

    Family plan: $69.99 per device / month

    Spyic is one of the top-ranking Facebook spy and tracking apps that exist in the world today. This application is a complete package that does everything a Facebook spy and tracking app should do. It tracks the location of the target device, monitors and records the calls made on that device.

    Upon the installation of the app on your target device, it will be invisible and cannot be seen by the owner of your target device. The app can also only be evoked by you using a secret code. For iOS, you do not have to directly install the app to spy on the target device since this can be done remotely. The installation does not take time because its size is very small (less than 2MB).

    Spyic does not need you to root or jailbreak the target device that you want to spy on. It makes use of cutting edge technology to bypass the target device security whether it is rooted or not. The owner of the target device will not know that any app is on the phone because the memory space it consumes is very small.

    Another powerful feature that Spyic has is its keylogger that enables you to track every activity that a key activates. It is as though you see all that is done on the target device. You can spy on Facebook messages and other activities done on Facebook.

    Spyic is a trusted application because it has been around for many years. You do not have to install an application on your PC or phone to spy on other devices because it operates as a web-based application. Its dashboard gives you the tools needed to successfully spy on the target device.


    • Can track the location of the device
    • Can monitor calls
    • Records all call logs
    • Keylogger feature
    • Spying on other social media aside from Facebook


    • No free plan

    3. Hoverwatch – Can access all files sent and received on Facebook

    Free Plan: No

    Premium Version: $24.95 per month ($9/ month for annual subscription)

    Hoverwatch is surely among the top 5 best Facebook spy and tracking apps. It helps you access text messages, record calls and track the location of the target device. The application can access any file sent or received on social media platforms.

    It is an application that is very convenient to use. The spy app will also be unknown to the owner of the target device. You can go as far as seeing calendar entries, web history, saved notes and contacts on the device.

    Hoverwatch offers a feature that makes you see the person using the device at any point in time. It secretly takes the photo of the users as soon as they unlock the device for usage. This feature is peculiar to the Hoverwatch application.

    It allows the tracking of social media platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Skype and WhatsApp. It is very economical when it comes to its pricing when compared to other Facebook spy and tracking apps. It also offers great features that are commensurate with its subscription charges.

    Moreover, Hoverwatch has a GPS tracker that is reliable because it provides an accurate location of the target device through its Wi-Fi hotspot and GPS. This Facebook spy and tracking app can provide the target device’s location without using its GPS.


    • Has the stealth mode feature
    • Easy to use
    • No rooting needed
    • Can take screenshots


    • Installation of the app is only possible when the phone is physically present.

    4. Cocospy – Easy to set up

    Basic version: $8.33 monthly

    Premium version: $19.99 monthly, $99.99 annually

    Family version: $16.66 monthly

    Cocospy is a reliable Facebook spy and tracking app that has been around for a while now. Its user base is scattered across the world. It is recognized by many parents and employers to spy on their kids and employees.

    The way it works is hassle-free such that spying on Facebook messenger is easy to achieve.  The application is very easy to set up and still has advanced features that can access the target device even if it is not rooted.

    The speed with which it works is something that cannot be overemphasized. Cocospy is virus-free, user-vetted and trustworthy, unlike most spy apps that cannot be relied on. The application remains hidden after installation.

    You can view media files, download them, check contact details and gain full access to the Facebook messenger of the user.


    • No jailbreak installation
    • Distant monitoring
    • Live demo
    • Keylogger function
    • Hidden installation
    • Complete access to Facebook Messenger


    • No remote control commands

    5. SpyToMobile – No rooting required

    Free version: Yes

    Paid version: 0.99 € per phone per day

    SpyToMobile is one of the best Facebook spy and tracking apps. It records the location and statistical details of the phone you are targeting secretly. The data recorded is uploaded on its control panel online.

    It retrieves the photobook, URL, photo and email details of the device you are targeting. It does not require you to root the target device. Though not compatible with iOS devices, it is compatible with Android devices for version 2.3 and above.


    • Live demo possible
    • Operates in discrete mode
    • Downloads free spyware without physical access to the target device
    • Geofence notifications are sent via email and SMS
    • Retrieves deleted messages
    • Offers affordable pricing


    • Outdated user interface
    • Requires rooting for some versions of the Android device


    With Facebook spy and tracking apps, you can keep an eye on your loved ones and employees to know the content and the person they are always chatting with on Facebook and other social media platforms. You will be able to save yourself the stress of worrying as you can block them out from some websites that you do not want them to visit.


    Do all Facebook spy and tracking apps work remotely?

    Most of the Facebook spy and tracking apps that exist work remotely, but not all.

    Is there a need to request the permission of the user of the target device?

    For some applications like mSpy, you have to see the Android target device and directly install the spy app, while for iOS there is no need to see the device.

    Is it legal to use the Facebook spy and tracking app?

    These applications have legal backings and that is why some of them only allow you to spy on Facebook and track devices of young people that are less than 18 years old.

    What does geo-sensing feature mean?

    It is a built-in feature of some Facebook spy and tracking apps that allow you to obtain information about areas or objects remotely. It works based on the science of remote sensing.

    How easy is the installation of Facebook spy and tracking apps?

    The same way you install any application you download from the Google Play Store or Apple store is the same way you install them. The slight difference is that you will have to pay before installation if it's not a free version.


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